Sunday, November 30, 2008


Thanksgiving part two!  After lunch in Charlotte we hit the road to have dinner with the White family.  Unfortunately, the Chinese takeout plan fell through so ham biscuits saved the day. The whole family was in town for the weekend so that meant all the dogs were in town as well. The girls loved chasing Bean, Pearce & Peanut around the house. 

Cousins Whitley and Branch gave the girls Build-A-Bear animals for their birthday. Tyler got a doggie and Harper got a bunny.  Strangely enough the girls are only slightly larger than the stuffed animals so they had fun playing in the boxes and donning their new animals' bows. Somehow Elizabeth and Honey managed to get the bows in their hair without the girls noticing. Photographic evidence below. 

Harper in the Build-A-Bear box

Tyler in her Build-A-Bear box

Harp unknowingly sporting a sprout and bow

Tyler with the same look eating sugar cookies

Miss Tyler

Harper still hanging in box - clapping her hands

Harp posing

Tyler and Honey

Dad, Mama and the girls

Pop, Tyler and Peanut

Harper loves the stairs at Honey and Pop's

The carpet makes climbing much easier!
Its a race to the top.

Up next... Birthday girls... 4 days & counting!!!

Gobble, Gobble!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving & have so much to be thankful for. Tyler & Harper have never eaten so much in their lives. They ate: Turkey, Ham, Stuffing, Green Beans, Mac & Cheese, Mashed Potatoes, & Bananas Foster... stuffed bellies for sure!  The girls enjoyed lunch at CCC and dinner at Honey & Pop's house. A memorable first Thanksgiving!!

Thanksgiving Lunch 2008

Miss Harper sat at the "adult" table

Tyler joked around at the "kid" table

They both kept turning around backward in their high chairs 
to see what sissy was doing. 

Post Lunch
Full bellies

Pictures from Honey & Pop's to follow....

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Back to 100%

The girls are 100% better which means their energy level is hovering above 100%! It is so great to see their smiles and hear their giggles again.

Enjoying Snack Time!
Juice, Pirate Booty & Sesame Street = Happy Girls

This morning we decided to play with our new winter hats
These are the only ones that they can't take off their heads!



Follow the leader!!

Harper playing peek-a-boo

If you look really closely you can see her bottom teeth coming in!

And we misjudged Harper's timeline for being able to walk behind the wagon. A week? Who needs a week when she can catch up with sissy in 2 days. Since we are trying to keep equal exposure on the blog- here is another walking video from last night. This morning they were already fighting over who gets to push the wagon.... we are in for it!
Hope everyone has a great Turkey Day. T & H are sure looking forward to their first Thanksgiving feast. We will post some pictures from the holiday in a few days!

Monday, November 24, 2008

A New View

Oops... we cheated a little (well, only by 11 days- because they have to be 1 to face forward!) and turned the girls around in their car seats to face the front like big girls. Its a whole new world watching mom or dad drive the car. 

Here they are on the way to Ebby & Big Poppy's for dinner last night.
Still a little under the weather so that explains the sad faces!

As I was cleaning up tonight I laughed when I saw our window sill with all of the bottles & sippy cups. Clearly the girls are taking over every room at this point. 

We will get some new pictures up of the girls soon. Hopefully they will be 100% by tomorrow and their smiling faces will return to the blog. Until then... here are some fun Tyler & Harper facts:

Their favorite thing right now is the "doggy"- yes Pearce. They love watching Pearce and have even gotten a few good touches in lately. Finally Pearce is accepting them!

Sesame Street, Raggs & Barney are their favorite shows. Thank goodness for Kids Preschool on Demand. 

Favorite game is playing keep away. They think it is hysterical when sissy takes something out of the other's hands and can play passing it back and forth for a very long time. 

Newest form of entertainment is playing in forts or turning the curtains into a tent.

Teeth- finally we have some in sight. Both of the girls have their 2 bottom teeth slowly coming up. 

It takes 2 sugar cookies each for us to get through a full grocery run at Harris Teeter.

Secret Twin spots: Under the kitchen table, in the nook under the sink in their bathroom & in the parents shower. It is very serious business in these spots- no parents allowed & lots of twin talk goes on.

Tyler & Harper have both of their parents wrapped around their little fingers!!!

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Tyler takes some steps!

The girls are getting their strength back... finally! They have had lots of time with daddy & as a result are off and doing new things.

Harper has learned how to "High 5" (We are working on getting photographic evidence!) and Tyler is off and walking behind the wagon or anything that moves. Here is a video of the action... this does not do her "walking" justice because she is super fast (especially when the wagon is empty!) and has officially covered our entire house with her footsteps in just a few minutes. Up next... walking by herself! Miss Harper will be doing the same in a week by our predictions.

Here is another short video of Tyler pushing her shopping cart.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Bug vs. Babies

2 weeks shy of turning one and the inevitable happened.... Tyler & Harper caught the stomach bug that has been going around. It started with Miss Harper last night and not to be outdone, Miss Tyler decided to join in this morning. 2 babies sick at one time is quite challenging & quite pitiful. We called in reinforcements & Ebby came to enter our germ infested house and provide 24 hours of support! 

Harper & her dada- up way past her bedtime last night!

Harper snuggling with Ebby
Anyone who knows our Harper, knows she is not a cuddler!
We all spent time hugging on her & enjoyed every minute.

No pictures of Tyler sick... Mom woke up today with a chest cold and was not up to taking pictures. Even Pearce seems to be a little sickly (maybe he sees the attention you get!) We are hopeful this bug will leave our house as quickly as it entered. Wish us luck!

Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Big Girls in Boots

We ventured out in the freezing cold to go play today.

All bundled up in our coats!
We are all wearing our matching Ugg Boots.

Discovering the Train table



Big girls in their boots!

Sunday, November 16, 2008

A Day at the Bucks' House

We spent the afternoon at Aunt Jacquelyn & Uncle Buck's house... a fun filled day with lots of new activities. Here are some shots from today.

Harper (L) & Tyler (R)

11 1/2 Months

Harper takes some guitar lessons from Jonathan


Cheering on their parents playing the Wii Nintendo
So fun!

Brrrr, its starting to get cold out.... Finally!



A new set of twins?
Mom & Aunt Jacquelyn

We are gearing up for a busy week. Time for baths & bedtime.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Sugar Rush

The girls went to their good friend Griffin's 1st birthday party this morning & had so much fun! They came home covered in cookie crumbs with a sugar rush in full effect.



Yum, delicious "1" cookies

This was the only part of the party where they actually sat still!

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Sesame Street!

Here is a little video of the girls watching Sesame Street. Who knew Big Bird could be this entertaining???

Friday, November 7, 2008

Barefoot Contessas

The little chefs are hard at work today cooking in the kitchen! Hopefully they will grow up to be great cooks like their daddy.

Miss Harper in her apron

Miss Tyler in her apron

Harper is washing the dishes

While Tyler checks the grocery list!


Harper loves this Kitchen!

Tyler tries out her creation.... french fries 
(you won't be having that for a while!)

Busy little girls!

Now it is time for mommy to cook their lunch....