Monday, February 28, 2011

Doctors Orders!

Doctors Orders... high calorie diet for Court.
No complaints here!

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Sweets with our Sweeties!!!

Mom & Dad took a much needed get-a-way... a mini vacation & left the kids for the longest time yet (4 whole nights!). Tyler, Harper & Court were in great hands with a revolving door of grandmothers, grandfathers & aunts (thank you!) and we were super excited to get home today to our sweeties. A sunny 75 made for a perfect escape for some cold treats, Yoforia it was!

Harper, not wasting any time.

Tyler, ready set eat!

Mr. Cool guy.

Diving in... spoons, optional!



Mom, I told you get off my ice cream!

Yoforia Dance.

Get your hands up!

Sugar high!

This is what big sissies are for, right?

So glad to be back with our sweeties!!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A perfect ride.

A wagon perfect for these 3 on a perfect afternoon. Sunny & 70!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Punk Rock!

A few mobile uploads too cute to not share.... Court has gone punk rock thanks to Aunt Jacquelyn. He sure does love his new 'do!

Daddy & the rock star

The giggling mohawk!

Score! And a lollipop.

Court we will love you no matter if you are preppy or punk. We think you are pretty cute both ways.

Thursday, February 17, 2011

Playdoh & Parties

Today was new play-doh day... play-doh does not have a long shelf life around here but it is certainly one of their very favorite things! At Target this morning the girls picked out their own colors and spent a solid 2 hours this afternoon playing with it while Court was napping. Win for mommy (girls were occupied playing nicely), Win for the girls (new play-doh is way more fun than old play-doh) and Win for Court (quiet sissies so he could snooze!)

Mixing the colors together.

Yippee for play-doh

Very short shelf life around here....

And this past weekend we celebrated good buddy Graham turning 2!
Court playing at the gym.

Tyler in the swing.

Harper getting a push from sissy.

Court & girlfriend Leighton.

The birthday boy!
Happy 2 Graham.

Monday, February 14, 2011


Happy Valentines Day!
We have had a wonderful day filled with extra kisses, tons of hugs and lots & lots of candy!

Early morning hugs!
Sure wish the magical Valentines fairy would come windex!
30 fingers sure do make a lot of fingerprints.

The Valentines are ready... special homemade heart cookies.

Valentines Party at school, saying the blessing before pizza!

Yep, Court tagged along.
He was in heaven with all of the big kids.

Court & his Valentine Lawton.

And flowers from Daddy... their first ones.
A subtle hint from Mommy... girls like flowers!


Sunday, February 13, 2011

I did it!!!

For the first time in 3+ years the girls did not match or coordinate. Ok, they coordinated a tiny bit, but not really. They went to school and since I dropped them off in carpool the teachers were convinced Mom was out of town since they were not matching & I even got two phone calls asking if I was feeling ok! We all survived, but even they like matching. They changed clothes that afternoon (on their own!) into matching outfits. Oh well. One day. Tried to get them to stop for a photo but they were too busy dancing.

Harper in pants, Tyler in the dress.

Being silly!

Full on performers here.

Meanwhile little bro is turning into quite the handful...
Court cruises now behind anything on wheels.
Check out the destruction behind him.
Snack trap = huge mess

Oh boy!
A sunbutter fan.
Our chill kid has gotten loud, messy and super mobile.

Let the fun begin!

And a weekend visit....
Court & Daddy with Webb & Toby
Future UNC Phi Gams here... class of 2032, what?

Girls kissing on Baby Webb.

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Saturday Morning Splashing!

The past few Saturdays we have spent the morning splashing away! Tyler, Harper & Court all LOVE the water! Summer cannot get here soon enough. Court has no fear and literally will just crawl in until he is totally under water. He loves putting his face in and loves swimming with Daddy. The girls love jumping in & are very proud when they "go wunders!" Swim lessons are on the horizon. A great way to spend some family time on the weekend and it just wears all the kids out. Big plus!

Court in the swing

Splash Time!

Swimming with Daddy

This is so fun!

Mommy, I am a fish!

Only picture of the girls... they were moving too fast and would not stop to have their picture taken today.

Court hiding so he did not have to leave!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Week Happenings.

Friday is right around the corner.... survived the week! We have not been up to anything too exciting, but here are a few pictures from our week to keep the grandparents at bay! I left the big camera home all week, shock & snapped a few mobile uploads...

Harper & Tyler modeling their new dresses Libby made!
There is a full sweat shop set up at Grumpa & Libby's house these days with the number of requests I have in for spring & summer clothes.

Court at the library playing in the book nook.

Girls drawing.... their favorite activity these days.

A brief trip to the doctor... convinced Court had ear infection # 4 (after tube surgery!) but luckily he just has a case of fussiness due to a "large" number of teeth coming in... I think he is adding 6 to his already full mouth of 8.

Girls came along and played Doctor on Coco's.
Everyone got stickers.

And a treat for Mom... nap day! First one since the holidays. Thank you Beauty & the Beast for lulling the girls to sleep. An hour break today with 3 kids sleeping at once. Hooray!