Thursday, February 10, 2011

Week Happenings.

Friday is right around the corner.... survived the week! We have not been up to anything too exciting, but here are a few pictures from our week to keep the grandparents at bay! I left the big camera home all week, shock & snapped a few mobile uploads...

Harper & Tyler modeling their new dresses Libby made!
There is a full sweat shop set up at Grumpa & Libby's house these days with the number of requests I have in for spring & summer clothes.

Court at the library playing in the book nook.

Girls drawing.... their favorite activity these days.

A brief trip to the doctor... convinced Court had ear infection # 4 (after tube surgery!) but luckily he just has a case of fussiness due to a "large" number of teeth coming in... I think he is adding 6 to his already full mouth of 8.

Girls came along and played Doctor on Coco's.
Everyone got stickers.

And a treat for Mom... nap day! First one since the holidays. Thank you Beauty & the Beast for lulling the girls to sleep. An hour break today with 3 kids sleeping at once. Hooray!

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