Friday, February 4, 2011


Our kids have tons of hair... they were all born with a head full of hair & it grows so fast. Good thing we have a hair stylist in the family! It was time for some trims.... don't get too excited grandparents, the girls' hair is still long.

Tyler sits so still. Such a good listener!
(Well, to everyone except Mommy these days.)

Harper telling Aunt Jacquelyn she wants pink hair. No thanks!

Checking herself out.

The end to all of our haircuts... princess curls!
Whoa, belly... Aunt Jacquelyn has 40 days to go.

Checking out their haircut reward... a moonpie. Their first!

The princesses!

Court did not want to be left out....
he was working on a mullet so he needed a trim too.

The only 1 year old to sit un-strapped and just chill through the haircut. Who is this kid?

Thanks Aunt Jacquelyn for playing beauty parlor!

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