Thursday, May 31, 2012

A boy and his truck

Its a love-love relationship.
His constant companion.
Best playmate.
And the occasional foot rest.

Tuesday, May 29, 2012

One fish, two fish, three fish, four...

We have some professional fisherman & fisherwomen on our hands. Pop got them each a new rod and we spent hours at the lake over the weekend catching fish. Catch, release, catch, release. It never got old with these three.

 Tyler, all smiles with her new rod

 Court's method of catching the fish... by net.

 Mommy caught one.

 So excited!

 Harper, our hyper fisherwoman


 and voila!

 Court;s stance most of the weekend....

 patiently awaiting a new catch.

The pros!

Happy fishing!

Sunday, May 27, 2012

Last Day of School!

This school year went SO FAST! They all grew so much and changed so much. They made friends, they learned letters, Tyler & Harper's differences in their personalities really became evident, Court finally gained some independence in the last month of school and actually walked in without crying for Mommy- only took him 7 months to get used to the place, they each loved their teachers so much, they created amazing art projects and they had fun. A great school year!!!

 First Day of Preschool 2011, 8 short months ago

 After 3 days of this... movies, naps, cuddle time due to the stomach bug all three were ready for their last day of school.
 Last Day of preschool 2012... a bit disheveled, hair brushed- probably not, there on time- doubtful, all running down the hall to their classroom so excited- absolutely!

Sweet Sisters. I asked them what their favorite thing was from school this year.... both responded being in the same class. One more year of 24 hr togetherness then off to the big leagues for Kindergarten (where being in the same class is not an option, shhhh... don't tell them!)

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

A little Court cuteness

A little Court cuteness post bath the other night. 
Seriously the happiest kid I have ever met.

Good thing I snapped these when I did because ALL 3 came down with the stomach bug at just about the same time in the middle of the night just hours after I took these photos. We have never had the bug before and it was just about the worst thing that has ever happened. So to have it hit all 3 at the same time was almost humorous. I think as Ian and I crossed paths at 4am going from kids room to kids room to laundry room to kids bathroom and we actually just burst into laughter. Seriously 3 at one time was pretty ridiculous.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Phone Purge...

I have been TERRIBLE at taking photos lately, have been just a tad BUSY... Luckily I have taken some on my phone recently so here is the phone purge... Hoping to find a little time soon to take some better quality ones, but until then.... Enjoy!

Chinese Pajamas all the way from China from Aunt Meriwether

 Court's happy dance at the doctor, clean bill of health!

 Princess Tyler

 Princess Harper

 We Voted!!!

Tickle Monster.
Photo courtesy of Tyler White, budding photographer

 A little joy ride for our "first born"
Yes he is still alive.

 Court maximizing his sleep space

 Lamps made by Ian for Mothers Day

 Hanging out on the potty... no action

Sewing with Libby in the "sweat shop"

 Daddy & Court sound asleep... happens every time Dad is in charge of putting our littlest one down.

 Lunch at the Soda Shop with Cousin Branch

 Goggles to eat dinner, why not?

Hanging out in the under construction fireplace.

The house... windows in (except front top), roof on, brick starting, back french doors on,
next up- interior walls... next week!

Monday, May 14, 2012

One Lucky Mama!

I am one LUCKY mama!

Mothers Day 2012

My big girls!!!

Our ball boy.

It was a wonderful, special, low key mothers day. I could not have asked for a better day with the family. A little time to sleep in followed by coffee in bed and some snuggles before we met up with everyone for brunch- Ebby, Poppy and the Buckner crew. All kids had great manners, big shock! Adorable hand painted bird houses from the girls, a hand made magnet from Court and some uber cool lamps that Dad made for the new house. One lucky mama for sure!

Monday, May 7, 2012

Popsicle afternoons....

These extra warm spring days mean a constant supply of afternoon popsicles.

 Happy kids!!!

 Harper, almost 4 1/2
Loves to dance & sing. Always gives in and lets her brother or sister win. Always! Prefers to match her twin sister more than her sister wants her to. Favorite foods are pistachios and shrimp. Favorite movie is Tangled. Has the best nose scrunch smile.

 Tyler, almost 4 1/2
Loves to draw and spell. Always talking about going to kindergarten (even though it is another year away) and wants to do math. Likes pants over dresses. Favorite foods are pb&j and turkey hot dogs. Favorite movie is Tinkerbell. Has the ability to convince anyone to do what she wants... the power of persuasion!

Court, 27 Months
Loves to dance and takes music very seriously. You must follow the movements to his favorite songs (itsy bitsy spider, twinkle twinkle, wheels on the bus & firetruck song) or he will come correct you. Loves his helmet (finally!). Favorite foods are yogurt & marshmallows. Favorite movie is Dora's Mermaid Adventure. Has a grip on his mama like you have never seen, he may be carried on my hip until he is 10!

And FYI...
He is certainly back to 100%!
We even had a little breakthrough at speech therapy and he is slowly but surely starting to talk. He clearly says bye, ball & more and says lots more vowel sounds. After weekly visit for months now we are all so proud of the confidence this little boy has and can't wait until he becomes a chatter box like his big sisters. On the day these photos were taken he would come up and say "more" and give his sweet smile and soon enough scored so many rounds of popsicles that we ran out. His sweet little voice is just impossible to say no to!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Strawberry Pickin'

We did our annual favorite spring time activity over the weekend and went to pick strawberries! We convinced the Buckners to come and brought Ebby so we had a little fun family sunday morning. The girls knew exactly what to do and filled their basket up in no time and Court watched his sisters lead and proudly picked the juicy red strawberries wanting to do exactly what they were doing. 

The trio ready for some berry picking!

And they are off...

 Court picking away but always keeping one eye on his sisters 
to make sure he was doing the right thing. 



 Cousin Banks

 Picking away!

 Love this kid!!!

Two peas in a pod.

 Court's pants after berry picking. 
We may have squished a few berries along the way.

 Hay ride with the Mary Brooks & Neely

 Family picture... girls too into their strawberry slushies to look up!

 Buckners on the hay ride

 Getting taller this year....

 Daddy & Court

The crew.

We came home and baked our hearts out... 12 mini strawberry pies, strawberry muffins and strawberry preserves. Yum!

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