Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Phone Purge...

I have been TERRIBLE at taking photos lately, have been just a tad BUSY... Luckily I have taken some on my phone recently so here is the phone purge... Hoping to find a little time soon to take some better quality ones, but until then.... Enjoy!

Chinese Pajamas all the way from China from Aunt Meriwether

 Court's happy dance at the doctor, clean bill of health!

 Princess Tyler

 Princess Harper

 We Voted!!!

Tickle Monster.
Photo courtesy of Tyler White, budding photographer

 A little joy ride for our "first born"
Yes he is still alive.

 Court maximizing his sleep space

 Lamps made by Ian for Mothers Day

 Hanging out on the potty... no action

Sewing with Libby in the "sweat shop"

 Daddy & Court sound asleep... happens every time Dad is in charge of putting our littlest one down.

 Lunch at the Soda Shop with Cousin Branch

 Goggles to eat dinner, why not?

Hanging out in the under construction fireplace.

The house... windows in (except front top), roof on, brick starting, back french doors on,
next up- interior walls... next week!

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