Monday, May 7, 2012

Popsicle afternoons....

These extra warm spring days mean a constant supply of afternoon popsicles.

 Happy kids!!!

 Harper, almost 4 1/2
Loves to dance & sing. Always gives in and lets her brother or sister win. Always! Prefers to match her twin sister more than her sister wants her to. Favorite foods are pistachios and shrimp. Favorite movie is Tangled. Has the best nose scrunch smile.

 Tyler, almost 4 1/2
Loves to draw and spell. Always talking about going to kindergarten (even though it is another year away) and wants to do math. Likes pants over dresses. Favorite foods are pb&j and turkey hot dogs. Favorite movie is Tinkerbell. Has the ability to convince anyone to do what she wants... the power of persuasion!

Court, 27 Months
Loves to dance and takes music very seriously. You must follow the movements to his favorite songs (itsy bitsy spider, twinkle twinkle, wheels on the bus & firetruck song) or he will come correct you. Loves his helmet (finally!). Favorite foods are yogurt & marshmallows. Favorite movie is Dora's Mermaid Adventure. Has a grip on his mama like you have never seen, he may be carried on my hip until he is 10!

And FYI...
He is certainly back to 100%!
We even had a little breakthrough at speech therapy and he is slowly but surely starting to talk. He clearly says bye, ball & more and says lots more vowel sounds. After weekly visit for months now we are all so proud of the confidence this little boy has and can't wait until he becomes a chatter box like his big sisters. On the day these photos were taken he would come up and say "more" and give his sweet smile and soon enough scored so many rounds of popsicles that we ran out. His sweet little voice is just impossible to say no to!

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