Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Oh Christmas Tree!

We pulled out the Christmas outfits (even though it was 70 degrees) on Sunday and hit up the Christmas Tree lot to pick out our special tree. The girls zoomed through the lot like wild elves and Court looked stunned the whole time. It did not take long to find the perfect tree and we are already busy decorating for Christmas around here!

The Whites
Christmas 2011

Sweet sisters

Being silly with Ebby

Oh Christmas Tree!

Riding in the sleigh.

The sweetest boy I know...
Court kissing on the reindeer.

Its beginning to look a LOT like Christmas!

Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Birthday Fun, Take 1!

Thanksgiving weekend always marks the start of Tyler & Harper's birthday week. We have a family BBQ lunch with our out of town relatives and the joy of getting a year older begins to beam on the girls faces. These two love a party so they are pretty exited that they will get to celebrate turning 4, four times this week.

Happy Birthday to You & You!

Making a WISH!

Opening gifts.
Think Tyler is a little excited?

Harper happily tearing through some gifts.

And drumroll... bikes from Honey & Pop!
Cruising on their Pinkalicious bikes.



Practice makes perfect!
They still need a little help to get going but they are catching on quickly.
Our little girls are growing up.

Friday, November 25, 2011

Gobble Gobble!

We had a wonderful Thanksgiving!
Lots of family time... seeing almost all of our family members.
Yummy food filling everyone's bellies.
Lots of smiles & giggles.
We are very thankful and very blessed!

First stop, Grumpa & Libby's

Girls with cousin Sarah

Talkin' turkey with Ebby

Cunningham thanksgiving

White Oyster roast

Our little pilgrim stuffing his belly!

Harper & her cool cousins Whitley and Branch

Daddy frying the turkey for dinner

GG & Courty

Somehow the girls convinced Whitley & Branch
to sleep in the bed with them, ALL NIGHT.
4 stuffed turkeys!

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkey Day Parties

We have had a fun week celebrating turkey day with our friends. Court had a school Thanksgiving party and the girls had a playgroup Thanksgiving feast at Wells' house. Tyler & Harper have made a long list of everything they are thankful for and Court topped the list!

Gobble Gobble!

Court's class, the little pilgrims

Yummy turkey cookies.

Fun with bubbles!

Sweet boy.
He loves school but still gives Mommy a little heartache each morning when he cries as Mom walks out the door. Pretty sure he is the only one in the whole school still crying at drop off!

Wells' Thanksgiving feast!

Happy Turkey Day.

Sunday, November 20, 2011

Fabulous Fall Day!

It was a fabulous fall day. Sunny skies. Warm enough to wear a dress without tights. Perfect conditions for serious leaf pile jumping!!! Our rental house we are living in while we renovate has quite the backyard. Big backyard=lots of tree=lots of hours bagging leaves for Daddy=tons of fun for the girls!



Now, that is a leaf pile!

So fun!

I love Fall!

What are you doing mom?

This shows their personality pretty well.

Where are you?!?!

I feel like the girls look 10 years old in these photos. Hard to believe this was the girls playing in the leaves just two short years ago...

Brother Court missed out on the leaf fun today since he took a marathon almost 4 hour nap. Guess the week he took off from napping finally set in and he decided to give in to his comfy crib for a little r&r!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Around the house...

Thanksgiving is a week away, really? Its almost turkey time. We are getting ready!

3 little turkeys before school.
This seemed very familiar after I snapped it...
yep, same shirts, same order, same bench. 1 year ago.

Sweet Court!

The girls get a marble to put in the party jar at school if they do not dress alike.
Enter Mommy's comment here that she is going to keep to herself.
This only happens here and there because one younger sister likes to match her sister while the older one (by 2 minutes, but you can tell she is the oldest!) likes to dress different.

This is what our stubborn- always gets his way because he is mommy's last baby- does during nap time. That is right, we maybe get one nap a week. Instead he prefers to be a big kid and watch tv and snack. Hmmm...

Maybe the extra snacks will help him fill out his size 18 month clothes a little better. His appetite is back after his adenoid removal so we are hopeful he will grow big & strong!

Tyler & Harper
Best Big Sissies in the world.

Sunday, November 13, 2011


Go Daddy Go!
Run Dad Run!

We braved the chilly morning to go cheer on Dad in marathon #4 this weekend. No training for this one so he wanted to take it easy with a 9 minute mile pace which made it easy to know exactly where he would be at what time.

All loaded up in the wagon to cheer Daddy on!

First sighting...
White shorts, red shirt, waving to his cheering crew!

Two proud daughters.

Court clapping with Honey.

Mile 10 coming in strong!

Crossing the finish line.
3 hours 55 minutes

Way to go!

Marathon #4

Court & Daddy

Group hug from his biggest fans.
We are so proud of you Dad.