Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Around the house...

Thanksgiving is a week away, really? Its almost turkey time. We are getting ready!

3 little turkeys before school.
This seemed very familiar after I snapped it...
yep, same shirts, same order, same bench. 1 year ago.

Sweet Court!

The girls get a marble to put in the party jar at school if they do not dress alike.
Enter Mommy's comment here that she is going to keep to herself.
This only happens here and there because one younger sister likes to match her sister while the older one (by 2 minutes, but you can tell she is the oldest!) likes to dress different.

This is what our stubborn- always gets his way because he is mommy's last baby- does during nap time. That is right, we maybe get one nap a week. Instead he prefers to be a big kid and watch tv and snack. Hmmm...

Maybe the extra snacks will help him fill out his size 18 month clothes a little better. His appetite is back after his adenoid removal so we are hopeful he will grow big & strong!

Tyler & Harper
Best Big Sissies in the world.

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