Tuesday, January 29, 2008

The Number Game

Ok, so Ian decided to let "The Mom" start posting pictures of the girls on the blog since his free time hours are few and far between these days. Ian's posts may now come only on the weekends!

So, here it goes... my first official post.

Above: The Girls show off their new hats... and seem pretty embarassed!

Well, people always ask "What is it like to have twins?" There is not really a way to describe it, but I thought some numbers might help put it in perspective.

Below is a re-cap in numbers of our past 24 hours:
Number of Babies: 2
Number of Weeks Old: 8
Number of Feedings: 16
Number of Ounces Eaten: About 50
Number of Diaper Changes: 22
Number of Baths: 2
Number of Baby Einstein CD's listened to: 2 1/2
Number of Hugs & Kisses: Lost Count
Number of loads of baby laundry: 1
Number of hours mom slept: 5 1/2
Number of hours mom wished she had slept: 10
Number of outfit changes: 7
Number of times mom walked in to peek at the babies sleeping: 12
Number of Bottles cleaned: 16
Number of times Pearce looked Jealous: 100

There is never a dull moment in the White Household these days, but we could not love being parents (of twins) any more! I will post some new pictures of Tyler & Harper before the end of the week. For now I'm off to bed.
Current Time: 3:47am

Thursday, January 24, 2008

Where do babies come from?

In the midst of trying to capture those precious little first moments in our girls lives, this one fell right in my lap. We were hanging out with my family, see post below, this past weekend and my cousins were in town. There is never a dull moment when the White crew gets together...you just better make sure you are on the right team!

I am sure Elizabeth wishes they just "jumped out"....

Play Time!

We all hit the road last weekend for our first road trip home to visit with family & friends. The girls loved all of the attention and their feet never touched the ground as you can see from these pictures

The girls are a little over 7 weeks now and are becoming very into holding up their heads and moving all around. Even Pearce is falling in love with his sisters and runs to their side every time he hears a cry! Harper & Tyler constantly coo at each other and are developing their own way of communicating with one another. Some pictures below of the girls having some playtime together...
Tyler figured out how to suck her thumb.

Hanging out with our animal friends.

Big Brother decides to join our tummy time.
I really want to crawl!

Friday, January 18, 2008

A week of firsts....

This week was a big week in the White household. The girls are 6 weeks old now and are growing up so fast! This week Tyler & Harper had a lot of "firsts" & wanted to share them with you all.

Our first snow. 
We did not go outside because it was too cold. 
We just watched it from our nursery window at 4am. 
(Yes, we were up!)

Our first time feeding ourselves. 
These bottles are genius! 
They have come in very handy when mom is alone
 at 4am trying to feed both of us!

Our first time sleeping in our own cribs.
Our parents decided we were old enough to move 
from the bassinet in their room to our nursery. 
Everyone is sleeping much better now!

Monday, January 14, 2008


Over the weekend the girls had their first happy hour...

well, sort of...

While Tyler & Harper enjoyed some milk, 
the adults sipped on some champagne.

We hope this becomes a weekly tradition!!

Friday, January 11, 2008

Mom's hair

The girls have really started to notice their parents recently. The other day they were particularly fond of their mom's hair and herein lies the story that followed.....


Harper was very interested in mom's hair. She wanted hair as long and pretty as her mom's so she tried to pull it right off mom's head. Unfortunately, that did not work.

She plotted and planned and decided to be as bad as she could. Staying up at night, crying loudly, and making messes during diaper changes..unfortunately dad got caught up in this bad behavior.

Now Harper is usually a very good girl, but this was all part of her master plan to wear mom down and get her to fall asleep.

Once her mom was finally asleep, she cut off her hair and took it for herself!

Well not really. Elizabeth went in for the mom cut today and is donating her hair. Harper only gets it for the night. Don't worry girl - you will have beautiful hair, just like you mom soon enough.

Growing like weeds

We got a great report from the pediatrician last week. The girls are growing like weeds. Harper trumped her sister weighing in at 7 lbs 12.5 oz (Tyler was 7 lbs 11 oz). It seems like just the other day they were down to 5 lbs each. Actually it was about a month ago so they have come a long way. Now if they could just hold their own bottles and go to the bathroom solo we would be in business!
Things have been going well. Elizabeth is doing a great job taking care of the new expanded family. We are still trying to get into a routine, but when the girls are going through growth spurts and having to eat every 2 hours sometimes, you have to settle for any structure you can get - even if it changes every couple days.

We are getting them started early....Go Heels!

Saturday, January 5, 2008

Pictures galore!

Tyler holding onto Harper's arm... 
The girls are really starting to be more aware 
of each other these days.

We keep getting requests to put up more pictures of the girls and since time is of the essence these days I decided to forgo the witty prose in favor of creating several online photo albums to share.  Check them out at the links below.  

The girls go back to the pediatrician next week so we get to see how much they have grown. We can't wait! Enjoy the photos... lots more to come soon!