Saturday, October 13, 2012

Pumpkin Pickin'

What a beautiful fall Saturday. We packed up after the girls soccer game this morning and hit the road for our 5th annual trip to Riverbend Farms to pick pumpkins. There is so much to see and do so we walked in the gate and off Tyler, Harper & Court flew towards the fall fun.
 Getting bigger!

 Harper & Tyler

 Court driving the tractor, its a boy thing.

 Hanging with the cow

 Little pilgrims

 Family of 5

 Tyler exploring the pumpkin patch

 Court loving the "pu" 
He is actually starting to talk... more on that soon.


 The girls

 The boys



 Court, he knows Mommy loves anything gray.

 Goodbye pumpkin patch until next year!

 A little fun down the slide before we go.


Happy Fall!

The past 4 years can be seen here.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Soccer Stars!

Better late than never!
That seems to be the motto these days.
Going on week 12 of no home and still 3 weeks out so we are in survival mode... but life goes on and our three kids certainly don't miss a beat so here we go....

The girls now have 3 saturday soccer games under their belt but these are photos from their first official game 2 weeks back. They are starting to understand the concept of playing on a team and scoring against the other team. Pretty fun to watch.

 The fireballs
1st soccer game

 Running & Running

 Seeing double
Harper & Tyler with Hayden & Brooke
2 sets of identicals born 24hrs apart

 Court wishing he was playing


 Ebby & the cheerleaders

 Love this one.
Running exactly the same.

And some house photos... 3 weeks to go!

 A lot of change from our old house...

 Last October

And a lot of progress since it was torn down.

And a sneak peek inside....

3 weeks to go!