Friday, February 24, 2012

On the Mend

We are officially on the mend!
Lots of rest and everyone seems to be feeling much better.

Some phone pictures from the week (our Nikon is in the shop for a few weeks so excuse the poor quality!)

Movie time in our sleeping bags from Aunt Meri!

A little time outside to enjoy the pretty weather.

A trip to the dentist.

Making homemade pizza for dinner (thanks to Katherine!)

Looking for elves in the tree...

This little guy promises no more monkey business!!!

And the house update... getting there!

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

A case of the sickies!

Cough, Runny Nose, Fever, Ear Ache, Sore Throat...
you name it, we have had it.
We have all been passing around sick germs over here for the past two weeks and over the weekend Court took a turn for the worse.

Our wonderful pediatrician sent us over to the ER yesterday for a suspected case of pneumonia after taking a look at our wheezing, lethargic burning hot child yesterday. A chest X-ray, a few vials of blood & an IV for hydration and we had a diagnosis of an early case of pneumonia. Luckily for Mom, Dad & Court he was treated with antibiotics and told to rest at home so we escaped spending the night in the hospital! He had everyone kiss his boo boo from his IV on the way out the door and his smile was starting to come back.

Sweet Court
First & hopefully last ER visit!

We are already on the mend with jello & juice and his feet actually touched the floor for the first time in 24 hours so that is a good sign. Looks like we have a few days ahead of us of snuggles on the couch watching his favorite shows Dino Dan & Mighty Machines.
Wish us luck!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

happy HEART day!

Happy Valentines Day!
Our day was filled with lots of love.

Harper & her homemade Valentine
She wanted to cook something so cupcakes it was.
She is our chef & wants to help with every meal.

Tyler & her "You Rock" valentine.
She loved the "fizzy, poppy, sparkle" pop rocks
Think she earned cool points at school today.

Court & his Love Bug valentine
He is working on his "hold up your valentine & smile" move.

Close up of Court's Valentines...
Thank you Pinterest for all of the fun homemade valentine ideas!

Happy Valentines Day!!!
Wearing our cute shirts from Libby.

And my text picture to the hubby this afternoon
titled "Heaven Help Me"

It was mass chaos as the kids dug into their Valentines after school... I decided to let them eat whatever they wanted instead of our normal one piece policy. The only plus to this is all of the candy is gone... until Easter! Happy Heart Day!

And a quick trip down memory lane from Valentines past...

Saturday, February 11, 2012

Love is in the Air!

Last night we hit up Tyler, Harper & Court's school fundraiser Valentines Dance. All they knew is that meant cake, a dance party and getting to stay up extra late (7:30!). To say they had fun was an understatement. They danced their little hearts out and took down enough pink lemonade & cake to cause a sugar rush followed by a sugar breakdown when it was time to leave. No photos from inside the dance but it was as cute as can be....

All ready for their first dance!

Court in a sportscoat literally makes my heart skip a beat.

And the house...
Hello 1st floor framing!
So nice to finally see you 6 months after we moved out.

Kids are obsessed.
We walked through and told them what each room is going to be.
Running laps in a construction zone may not be the best idea?!?

Sweet Court hanging in the future living room.
Sure hope these next 7 months (or more) of construction fly by!

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Hanging Around

We have been up to a lot of nothing lately... pretty boring blog material. The kids have hit an easy phase, almost too easy. After school each day while Court naps the girls do art... drawing, painting, cutting~ you name it these two are doing it. Tyler makes no less than 25 masterpieces each day and Harper hangs with her sister doing the same just so she can spend time with her. Its pretty sweet to watch. Afternoons used to be filled with some type of out-of-the-house activity but lately these 3 say they want to play at home. They pick flowers in the backyard, Court kicks a ball, they want to help cook dinner, they are fine with pretty much anything as long as we are home and as long as we are all doing something together. This afternoon I was trying to convince the kids that the nature museum would be fun... they had another idea. Pillow party in Court's room...

These kids could have fun doing anything together.

3 peas in a pod.

Silly sisters, sleepy Court.

Every once in a while I have one of those
"Wow there are 2 of them" moments... today was one of those days.

See, boring. But sometimes it is nice to slow down.

In exciting news, framing started today on the house. Big step!!!
Pictures to come... no house blog yet. Slacker I know!

Thursday, February 2, 2012

2 Year Stats

The end of the birthday celebrations have finally come for Mr. Court.... we wrapped up turning 2 with a playgroup birthday party at a frozen yogurt place in town. Perfect for our little sugar monster!

Digging right in, wasting no time...

For sure he was the messiest child there...
I'm pretty sure the longest he has ever stayed clean is 5 minutes.

Going, going... gone!

Happy Birthday Court, Reynolds & Macon.
January Birthday babies.

Then onto the doctor for our official welcome to the 2's
and, drumroll....
Court is back on the charts!
Albeit the 5th percentile, but we will happily take it.
Our tiny tot is perfectly healthy and happy.