Monday, January 30, 2012

Celebrating Courtster!

We celebrated Court turning 2 over the weekend with a family lunch. Everyone came and Court loved being the star of the show.

I made my first cake... a construction cake that the girls helped decorate. Think this may be my one & only homemade cake.

This was Court's reaction to the cake...
Not quite what we were going for.
Seems Court did not like seeing trucks that he could not play with.

The White Family

The Stafford-Wentz-Buckner crew

This one had a bit of a hangover....
Aunt Jacquelyn over-served herself the night before, ha ha!

Happy Birthday to YOU!

Make a wish!

Yea for cake!

Daddy & Tyler
Sweet Ty woke up Sunday morning with her first ear infection, a double one! A quick visit to the doctor and some "bubble gum medicine" made it all better.

Banks first cake... pretty sure it was a hit!

Court & Ebby

Opening gifts...
Daddy's old barn from when he was a child.

Court got a scooter like his big sissies!
Pants optional.

Its pretty great to be 2!

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Happy TWO!


You are TWO.

You are the sweetest little boy and have such innocence in your eyes. You are a calming influence in our house most of the time loving to cuddle up and read books or snuggle with your sisters. You are cautious. You are determined. You are always making us worry but your little smiles let us know everything will be ok. You love trucks. You love cake and could survive on eating sugary sweets alone. You love to kick a ball and “bawl” is one of your few consistent words. You are so eager to learn. You are funny, hysterical actually. You have the best laugh. You are ticklish. You have smelly feet. You are a picky eater. You make the best kiss sound. You love to dance. You want to be a big kid like your sisters. You love your dad, mom, sisters & grandparents so much. You have such a big heart. You are wonderful.

We love you. Happy TWO!

Wake up call...
a birthday wish with Daddy bright & early before he left for work.

Round 2, birthday breakfast of mini doughnuts. A family tradition.

Make a WISH!

Happy Birthday to the best brother in town!

Birthday Boy.

Happy 2!

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dress Up

Dress up has been all the rage these days at the house. Harper normally gets in full costume every morning before breakfast and is all about accessorizing. Tyler loves dressing up too but always goes a little more simple with her emsembles. Add two dress up princess birthday parties this week and we have two little girls in dress up heaven.

Harper the Valentines princess & Tyler as Cinderella

Oh Happy Day.
Off to a princess party.
They asked to wear Mommy's makeup and curled hair.

Another random costume request... purple cats.

Tyler was the mastermind behind this one.

Princesses in 3-D.
A movie birthday party, super cute!

Court has been in on a lot of the dress up action lately too but I spared him the photographic evidence of his sisters dressing him like a cheerleader, a cupcake queen & a ballerina. Guess it is time to add some boy costumes to the dress up chest.

Guess who turns 2 tomorrow??? We are pretty excited!

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Turtle Time!

There is a new obsession in the house... the starry night turtles. Aunt Jacquelyn gave the girls theirs for their 4th birthday. Green for Tyler & Pink for Harper. Court got his own when he moved into his big boy bed. I am pretty sure these are infant toys but all of our littles are obsessed with them. Banks came over at bed time a few night ago and got to check out what the fuss was all about....

Turtle time on the top bunk!

Cutie Cousins.

The magic!
Court sits in bed at night watching the stars. He loves it!
The girls constantly change the colors on theirs so its like a rave in their room.
Fun times at the White house.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Tiny Tarheel

Dad was in charge of dressing the youngest over the weekend.. our wiggle worm who would prefer to go au natural most of the time and the one who actually is starting to have an opinion on what he wears. He will point to his boots and insists on wearing them most of the time and then prefers shirts with only cars or trucks on them. So I was quite surprised when Court emerged Saturday morning wearing one of Mommy's old UNC sweaters. Too bad it did not bring the tarheels luck!

Court, wearing his Mommy's old sweater
Vintage UNC threads!

So sweet!

Say cheese!

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I love that...

I love that...

Court has been an amazing napper this week in his big boy bed and wakes up with crazy hair!
I love that for the first time all year Court has had his first week with no tears at preschool drop off.

I love that the girls always include Court.
Court is always invited to the top bunk for "a party" each afternoon.
I love that these 3 are best friends.

I love that Harper is so sweet and always shares anything with anybody. She is the first to let her brother ride her scooter or sleep with one of her special buddies.

I love that Tyler has turned into "Miss Manners" always saying excuse me, please & thank you, yes mam & no sir... and is very quick to point out others that do not have nice manners.
The threat of "manners school" worked like a charm!

I love that Court has learned how to sign "more" from his first speech therapy session and we learned that he is indeed not stubborn with not wanting to talk but he is simply behind because of all of his ear infections. I especially love that he is so proud of learning new ways to communicate and that he will catch up before we know it.

I love that bath time is now shower time... easiest part of the day!

I love that these 3 are pretty cool kids!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Ultra Marathoner

So most would consider a marathon a great accomplishment. Five marathons, well that is just spectacular. Then meet Tyler, Harper & Court's Dad who decided an ultra marathon was next on the bucket list. So a 50k or 31 miles of straight running... does not sound fun to me, but we packed up and hit the road to cheer Daddy on!

Tyler & Harper cheerleading!

Court enjoying the perfect 60 degree January morning.

3 little kids, sitting on a tree

Court said a new word out in the woods... "stick"
Ask him to repeat it and he will give you a "uhhh"... stubborn kid!

First glimpse of Daddy... mile 30!

Joining in with Daddy for the last leg of the race.

Go Daddy Go!

Almost there...

Crossing the finish line!!!!

Our Ultra-Marathoner
Frosty 50k

We are so proud.

Monday, January 2, 2012

BIG Boy!

We entered 2012 with no cribs in our house!!! Big milestone since it was not that long ago that we had three in cribs at the same time. That's right our little Court man is growing up and a big boy bed was in order. Well actually - Mommy has no patience and his bed that we had made was ready way earlier than we thought, so we just did it... and held our breath that this did not happen again!!! Night one he woke up about 2am in a panic and Mommy spent the rest of his night in his bed but since then he has been perfect. He goes down easily after a few books and some snuggles and wakes up at his normal 7:15am. He has not attempted to get out of the bed yet, he is just so proud to be just like his big sissies.

Court in his Big Boy bed

All smiles

I am the happiest kid alive!!!

Big sissies giving him a pep talk.

Yep, success!
Sound asleep.

Now potty training and talking... think those are going to be a bit more of a challenge!