Tuesday, June 8, 2010

What were we thinking?!?!?

So, what were we thinking? On a whim we decided to take the girls cribs down on Sunday night and put them in big girl beds (well, mattresses on the floor until the bed rails came in!) The girls have been talking about big girl beds because a few of their friends have them so we thought they were ready... WRONG! We did not take the twin factor into consideration. A built in playmate = no reason to stay in bed even if that was the #1 rule!

Here they are settled in with all of their necessities:
Aquarium, flashlights, books, blankets & lots of stuffed animals.

We went over the rules and they agreed they were ready. At first we watched on the monitor and they actually stayed in their beds. Then they quickly began cuddling in the beds together. We were fine with that, but then the chaos began. Playing, jumping, banging. It was insanity and we brought in the pack & plays for back up and the threat did not work. Too many trips up the stairs to count and we were beat. About midnight they passed out in their own bed but that only lasted until about 6am. 6 hours of sleep for our normal 12-13 hour sleepers was not a good thing!

Same Doggie
We cannot believe this dog has been in her mouth for over 2 years...
a weekly bath is not doing the trick these days.

With "Nubby" her old sleep sack
(that she can't fit in anymore) & Coco

The next morning we talked about what happened. And when I asked why they did not listen to the rules and stay in their big girl beds, Harper responded "I am not a big girl, I am a tiny girl." You can't argue with that.

So, needless to say... in time for naps on Monday Mom had the cribs back assembled and we are planning on another 6-12 months in the cribs~


Donna said...

Hahahaha! Shades of yesteryear...takes me right back to our twin boys that also were double the fun! What one didn't think of...
We tried keeping them in their cribs but when we heard the drop, drop, thud, thud each day(jumping from their cribs)...we knew what the term "patter of little feet" meant! Sweet days...try not to fret....ha!

Ali said...

I can't get over you taking apart and reassembling TWO cribs! You are amazing ;)