Monday, June 28, 2010


We took a family trip to Discovery Place over the weekend... an impromptu last minute decision but super fun. It was the grand opening of their new exhibits & it was packed... did not know this when we planned our trip. Thank goodness Daddy was there to help because 3 kids, a big crowd, lots of wild toddlers around and a baby boy who needed to eat baby food & have a bottle while we were there would have been all but impossible to handle solo. We survived. Court was covered in food head to toe, the girls were soaking wet from the water table and Mom & Dad were tired, but we will definitely be going back again this summer. A great cool indoor activity to beat the heat.

Ready, set, squirt!

How is this ball floating in the air?

Silly girl...
Not sure if you are Tyler or Harper... ha!

The wind tunnel!

Daddy & his girls checking out the jellyfish.

Beads... girls were in heaven.

Court getting snuggles from Daddy.
He was a trooper & did not mind the baby food in his hair & all over his clothes. We did get some stares though...

Daddy pulling up Harper

Mommy pulling up Tyler!
Harder than it looks!!!

Great family day....

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