Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Hippity HOP!

We all went to CCC for the girls to enjoy the Easter party complete with a bunny train ride, massive easter egg hunt, jumpy castle & lots of sugary sweets! The Easter Bunny was not as scary as it was last year for the girls, maybe by next year they will actually go up and sit on his lap, we will see!

Train Ride... sipping on Shirley Temples!

Tyler realizing that "ages 2 & under" do not get jellybeans in their eggs...
she was not happy!

Daddy helped Harper find a golden egg!

Not so sure about the weird jester! At least he gave out presents!

The girls with Ebby & Poppy

Smiling & Waving to the Easter Bunny!
We are making progress.

Court's reaction to the Easter Bunny!

The crew!

Yum! Ice Cream Sundaes in Eggs with extra sprinkles & about 10 cherries.

The girls are suddenly growing up so fast...
Here is the CCC Easter Egg Hunt last year
and here is the year before when the girls were about 4 months old!

Monday, March 29, 2010

Easter is on its way...

With Easter right around the corner, we have been busy hitting up Easter Egg hunts, dying Easter eggs, hopping around like bunny rabbits & eating jelly beans faster than you have ever seen!

Neighborhood Easter Egg Hunt
Tyler & Harper were the first ones out on the lawn to get eggs.
They did not wait for "go"... "1,2,3" was as long as they could wait!

Stuffing candy in our mouths with Mary Brooks!

Mom, Harper, Tyler & Dad

Kisses for Baby Graham!
The girls are in love!!!

Mom & Court with Allison & Graham
These little ones were not quite old enough to collect eggs, just wait until next year!

Hanging with the Easter Bunny!

Tyler dying Easter Eggs, a huge hit!

Harper & Honey working on a special egg!

Tea Party outside, the girls take entertaining very seriously!

Playing soccer with cousins Whitley & Branch

More Easter Fun to come soon... we have 3 more egg hunts before Easter arrives!

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Start of Spring!

Spring is finally here... we have been enjoying lots of playtime outdoors lately & loving that it stays light outside until close to bed time. Here are some pictures of the crew from the past week or so.

Off to church!

People tend to look at us like we are crazy when they see all 3 kids.



An afternoon playdate Easter Egg Hunt with Mary Brooks!



Getting in lots of practice before all of the official egg hunts begin!

The little guy... he doesn't seem so little anymore!
2 months old

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Boys vs. Girls

Court is just shy of 2 months old & is truly the most happy and content baby. When he started holding his head up so sturdy I had to check out the girls old pictures to see if they were doing it this early. Having a boy vs. having a girl is very different in many ways, at least in our house!

Court, 7 weeks

Tyler (L) & Harper (R), 12 weeks

and onto tummy time...

Harper (L) & Tyler (R), 7 weeks

Court, 7 weeks

Monday, March 22, 2010

"Bob"sey Twins!

The girls decided it was time for a new 'do for the spring... so off with the long hair and onto their new look, the bob! Aunt Jacquelyn came to the rescue and Tyler & Harper walked out of the salon with a new short style for the warm weather.

Tyler jumped right up for her haircut!

A little shocked about how short her hair is going to go!

Such a good listener... stay still and look at your toes.

Up next was Harper!

Harper, not so sure...

Tyler comes in to help Nanny style Harper!

So cute! Showing off the new bobs!

Picking out their treat for being such good girls, pop pops & m&m's!

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

A Proposal!

Tyler & Harper had a special part in a very important engagement last night! They helped Uncle Brandon pop the question to Missy. Missy has a very special place in our hearts already... she is the girls very favorite babysitter and they spend every Wednesday together and she actually helped to deliver Court. So, the girls were thrilled to help!

She walked through the front door & they ran out with signs and the ring and said "Marry Me Missy!". Our practice rounds of the proposal turned out a little better than the actual event, but it worked and she said YES! Welcome to the family Missy.

Harper with the sign

Tyler checking out the bling before the big reveal!

Uncle Brandon, down on one knee

She said yes!


Tyler & her milk cocktail

Harper loving the special glass!

Cheers to the happy couple!

Tuesday, March 16, 2010


We have had a successful few days around here... the girls are potty trained! No more diapers. It was actually a lot easier than expected and we have had only a few accidents. The potty fairy brought lots of fun things but the biggest hit was the pink nail polish. Everyone had to have pink toes, including almost all of our baby dolls.

30 pink toes!

Big Girls!

The boys!
And the little guy did not want all of the success to be with his sisters, so he jumped right in & started sleeping from 10-5:30! A big successful few days for sure...