Sunday, December 23, 2012

its NOW or NEVER...

Ok, here it goes.... What in the world has happened to us? Well, we moved in and literally just stopped. We have just chilled and relaxed and enjoyed time together in a much slower pace. It has been wonderful. I kept waiting to find the motivation to post again... so here it goes. Its now or never to attempt to catch up from the past 6 weeks of blog neglect. This post will just be a recap of the memories over the past few weeks. Enjoy....

Thanksgiving 2012
We hosted in the new house
30+ family members
It was great.

 Little turkeys!

 Dad & Court at the turkey trot

The spread!

Then off to get our Christmas Tree... our thanksgiving weekend tradition.


 Our 3

 Taking photos and having photos taken of us...

 We were in the paper!

Maybe we should have brushed our hair that day?!?!

Our tree

Mommy's little helpers decorating for Christmas

Then a BIG trip.
NYC for the girls 5th birthday
 In the airport

 First flight
So very excited!

 Tyler & Dad

 Harper & Mom

 Natural History Museum

 Christmas time in NYC

 Birthday lunch at American Girl

Tyler making a wish

 Harper making a wish

 Riding the subway

 Meriwether, Mom, Harper & Tyler ... underground

 The Rockefeller Tree

 FAO Toy Store

 Tyler playing the piano at Eloiuse at the Plaza


 Tyler completely pooped after non stop NYC fun!

 Our little family

 Serendipity frozen hot chocolate

Dinner out in NYC with our best friends and wonderful hosts.
Ditched the 5 year olds. It was wonderful!!!

Dylan's Candy Bar
Heaven on earth for these 2!

 The girls with Fairy Godmother Meriwether

Dylan's Candy Bar

 Tyler & her doll Emily all strapped in for the flight home....

Then their actual birthday.
 Tyler & Harper turn FIVE.

A five year check up 
Getting so big!
25th percentile for weight 
50th for height

And a shot of our mischievous baby bro.

He is in to everything!!!!

More to come with hopefully not another 6 week delay!

Happy Holidays.

Monday, November 5, 2012

A little catch up...

Yes, well over due for a major blog catch up.... 
Halloween was celebrated for a few weeks straight. The kids loved it this year and they insisted on choosing their own costumes. Court was an owl, his favorite animal. Hootie Hoo! Harper was Ariel from the little mermaid. And Tyler was a bubble gum machine that was a handmade costume that literally had just about fallen apart by the time the 31st rolled around but she loved it.

Halloween Playgroup

At WDS trunk or treat

Gobbling down candy with cousin Banks

 Mommy & her sweet Hootie Hoo

Ariel doing a show

 Halloween night... off they go to collect some sugar

 Favorite part was staying up passing out candy

 Court enjoyed his sisters passing out candy because that meant he could dig into their loot!

Sugar rush
We let them eat as much as they wanted until they all complained of tummy aches
I don't think they have asked for another piece since!

And in breaking news...
The girls had little makeovers with Aunt Jac.
Much needed new do's!
 Tyler- Before

 Harper- Before

 Makeover time

And a much needed improvement!!

Also, after 2 years and 2 weeks of designing, building, packing and stressing....
the long awaited move into the NEW house!
We could not be happier.
Moving night!!!

 Family Room



October 2012

If you want to see more just come on over....

Pearce is happily settling right in.

And we are happily breaking the new house in.

More updates and pictures to come.....