Monday, June 29, 2009

Beach Babes, Part 2

We are back from our fabulous time at the beach! The girls are still talking about the sand, beach, water & shishies (fish)! Over the week their vocabulary went from about 25 words or so to about 100. We had a blast & Tyler and Harper have official tan lines. 

Family Photo
Mommy & Tyler, Daddy & Harper

This girl literally would spend every minute
 jumping in the waves in the ocean 
or filling up buckets with sand. 
A true beach girl!

This trip she learned how to run at a speed almost as fast as Daddy! 
She kept her Ty Ty on her toes by instigating a game of chase by stealing doggie (see album below for proof).
And set a record of more than 5 popsicles (pop pops) in a day!

Daddy & Tyler

The girls met "Ricky Bobby" 
the Pug-on-wheels for the first time & fell in love!
How could they not, he is just the sweetest dog cousin.
He has his own website launching soon 
(we will let you know when its up!)

Daddy & Harper

Action shot...Girls on the Run!
Uncle Rob took a lot of professional pictures over the week...
We will post these when we get them!

Mommy & Tyler

Ebby & Big Poppy with the girls

This week the girls also had their first time apart from eachother. Funny that they are almost 19 months old and have not spent any time apart (really, none!) But when our sweet Tyler (our sleeper) was still snoozing and Harper (our child that could go days without rest) was awake she got to go on a special trip with Mommy & Daddy to pick up shrimp. Well, the hour apart was enough to let us know that they truly are two peas in a pod and prefer to be together. Harper looked at her sissy's empty car seat and said Ty Ty over & over while when Tyler woke up she kept going to look in Harper's crib to see where she was. They were all smiles when they were back together again!

Miss Tyler

Miss Harper

Splashing in the tidal pool!

If you haven't had enough, here is another 150 pictures 
(narrowed down from 500!) Enjoy!

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Beach Babes

Sandy toes & beach hair!
The girls are back at the beach... having a blast.

Here are a few highlights of the past few days 
& we will put a LOT more up when we get back.

Miss Tyler

Miss Harper

The Girls!!!

Family Photo

Tyler & her doggie 

Ebby & her girls

Curious Harpster

Best Friends

The Whites

Now, back to relaxing at the beach....

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Daddy's Day

We celebrated Father's Day this weekend... 
Up first, Dad's triathlon. 
Uncle Brandon & Aunt Kristin also did the race.

Bike. Swim. Run.

Then we all went down to the lake...

Out on the new boat.
The girls loved it!

Tyler & Honey

Miss Harper

Tyler relaxing with Mommy & Aunt Kristin

The boys did a little wakeboarding.

Harper & bunny

Playing with the "shish-ie"
Harper's interpretation of Fish!

Sweet Tyler tries to feed the fish her snack.

Happy Father's Day Daddy.
We love you!

Friday, June 19, 2009

Friday Morning Favorites

Before our busy day started we had a little photoshoot in the backyard. Tyler & Harper are wearing Mommy's dresses from when she was little... and of course the doll babies had to be included because they are rarely put down. These two are called Coco, Harper named them!

Tyler & Harper
18 1/2 Months Old


Posing with our Coco's!






Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Push Pops

We are convinced our girls are the messiest eaters to ever exist! There is not a meal where there is not food & stickiness from head to toe. The messiness does not stop us from letting them have some extra messy treats every once in a while. Push Pops it was last night.... their first ones & they loved them of course!


She loves to smell everything... too funny!

Tyler is all smiles.

Harper loves it!

After a long clean up, the girls wanted to cuddle up together on the couch. This is their new favorite thing to do... go "nigh-night" where they are tucked in with a pillow and a blanket and they "pretend" to sleep. Its pretty sweet!
Tyler & Harper going "pretend" nigh-night

Kisses for Sissy!
Tyler blows a kiss while Harper leans in to kiss her Ty Ty.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Anatomy 101

A rare photo... bows in our hair!
Tyler (L) & Harper (R)

The girls have gotten very into learning all of the body parts lately. Here is a video of a few of their favorites.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

A Pause



The girls actually paused long enough this morning to have their picture taken. This "pause" only lasted 1 minute then they were off & back to their usual non-stop 100 mph moving! Oh how I love these pauses!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

The Fish!

Tyler & Harper are like little fish! They get super excited anytime they see water. Good thing it is summer because when we are not at the pool they are running through the sprinkler in the back yard. Some kids we see at the pool are a little timid of the water but not our girls... they run right in! We think swim lessons are going to be a hit.



What a life!
Harper enjoying her snack & juice at the pool.

She loves to sit in her own chair & relax by the pool!

Here is a little video of the girls splashing in the backyard. 
Favorite afternoon activity!