Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Push Pops

We are convinced our girls are the messiest eaters to ever exist! There is not a meal where there is not food & stickiness from head to toe. The messiness does not stop us from letting them have some extra messy treats every once in a while. Push Pops it was last night.... their first ones & they loved them of course!


She loves to smell everything... too funny!

Tyler is all smiles.

Harper loves it!

After a long clean up, the girls wanted to cuddle up together on the couch. This is their new favorite thing to do... go "nigh-night" where they are tucked in with a pillow and a blanket and they "pretend" to sleep. Its pretty sweet!
Tyler & Harper going "pretend" nigh-night

Kisses for Sissy!
Tyler blows a kiss while Harper leans in to kiss her Ty Ty.

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