Monday, June 1, 2009

Lazy Days

Over the weekend Grumpa & Libby came to visit the girls! We took advantage of the visitors in town to entertain Tyler & Harper and enjoyed a lazy day at home followed by a lazy evening at Aunt Jacquelyn "Nanny" and Uncle Buck's house. 

Pop Pop's with the Grandparents.
The girls are trying out their new dresses Libby made them.
Too cute!

Miss Tyler, Grumpa & Doll Baby
Tyler now loves to carry around her dolls
She saw Harper doing it & decided it was cool!

Relaxing at the Bucks house!
A few dogs, 2 wild toddlers & a little chaos.

The Whites ~ All 5 of us! 
Pearce finally made a family photo.

The chaos!

Aunt Jacquelyn spinning Harper.
She loves it!

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