Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Dentist

The girls had their first trip to the dentist, so of course Mommy had to take her camera along. On the way there we discussed who wanted to go first and Harper quickly volunteered. Once we walked in she was a little hesitant but after some negotiating with Tyler she hopped in the chair and wanted some hand holding for comfort. A great check up, 20 teeth each and two little girls that are obsessed with brushing their teeth now.

Harper up first, sweet sister Tyler by her side.

Tyler's turn, she was so excited.

Harper glad her turn is over and watching sissy with a snack.

Tyler in the action with Harper taking a closer look.

And sweet Court just chilled in his stroller
while Mommy filled his tummy with lots of snacks.

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Gym Class

For a few months now the girls & Court have a sibling gym class together once a week. Finally found an activity that I can take 3 kids to! Ages 1-5 all in one room & they all LOVE it. Its lots of jumping, tumbling, swinging & bouncing. A fun hour together!

Harper jumping!

Tyler bouncing Court, his very favorite activity.

Swinging away.

Ball Pit Fun!

Tyler on the swing.

Court bouncing himself.
He does this little adorable wiggle that gets everyone laughing.

Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! We had such a wonderful Easter day. It was so special to see the excitement in our kids eyes this morning when they realized Peter Cottontail had arrived. We made it through 80% of the church service together before kids got too restless & we had to leave then had a yummy Easter brunch with Ebby & Poppy at CCC. Finally had a sighting of the Easter Bunny this season for the kids and then spent the rest of the day nibbling on sweet treats.

Peter Cottontail came!

Following the jellybean trail to their baskets!




Putting flowers on the cross at church

Seeing the Easter Bunny
They thanked him for all of the goodies he brought them.

The only way Court would get close to him....

Hanging with Ebby, the birthday girl!

Easter Brunch

Giant Carrot

And we have some action....

Walking on Easter Day!

Pat the Bunny!

What says Easter more than live bunnies? Clearly this was one of the highlights of Easter this year for Tyler, Harper & Court. The girls good friend Carson had a fabulous Easter Egg hunt complete with a dessert table that would put Martha Stewart to shame and fun backyard party filled with bunnies of all sizes & shapes. Pat the Bunny!




Surrounded by Bunnies

Loving on the Bunny

Gentle Court.

Can't get enough

Saturday, April 23, 2011

Bye Bye Beach

We are home safely from 10 days at the beach. A fun trip that got everyone very excited about summer beach days that is right around the corner. We ended our stay at BHI with a little cooler weather so we did lots of golf cart rides exploring the island, squirt gun fights & movie time. Right before we jumped on the ferry this morning the kids went to the island Easter Egg hunt which was a huge hit.

A Nap!
5 hours straight of running on the beach will wear them out.

First Squirt Guns, super fun!

Singing Happy Birthday to Pop

Bedtime stories with Aunt Kris & Honey

BHI Easter Egg Hunt

Let the hunt begin!

Court just smiled.

Honey & Pop + 3

Meeting Old Baldy
Harper was scared to hold his hand and Court trembled.

High Steppin' with Daddy

Family Photo
Easter Weekend~ BHI

Tyler, Court & Harper

Eating candy...

We literally jumped on the ferry right when this Easter Egg hunt was over and drove straight home with just minutes to spare before the Dumler Egg hunt. Photos to come.... Right now Peter Cottontail has some work to do!

Friday, April 22, 2011

Beachin' It

Enjoying the relaxing, laid back beach time.... Away from our normal routine, extra warm sunshine, sandy toes & happy, darling children.

T, C & H


The girls

Ready for the beach.
He claps all the way to the beach.

Tyler, the beach babe

Harper "I went in da ocean dis many times all by myselfs"

Walking with Daddy

Sweet siblings

Happiest kid on the beach

Jumping waves with Honey

Sandcastle time

Life's a beach!