Thursday, April 14, 2011

A Glance....

A glance at life this week.... busy, fun, happy.

Sometimes Big Sisters make the best tickle monsters!

Obsessed with his sisters...

Tickle Monster is the new fun game.
Court's laugh is the sweetest sound I have ever heard!

Ice cream break with Grumpa!
Banks, Harper, Tyler, Grumpa & Court.

Then Mommy decided to torture the kids and hit the car wash....


The Mom View...
Our kids, not fans of the carwash.

Best Friends.

Spring weather = Bubble time!

Finally old enough to blow their own bubbles~

And lastly Court's way of getting around so he does not get muddy or skinned knees. Crawling crab style. This kid better not go to kindergarten crawling....

1 comment:

Phil, Steph, Philip, Parker and Herschel said...

Love Court's crab crawl... Parker does the same thing!! So ready for these boys to start WALKING!! Lets get together soon and play. xoxo