Sunday, April 3, 2011

Oh Happy Day!

Tyler & Harper both have their beloved "buddies" as they call them. Harper has Coco & Nubby (a sleep sack that she slept in as a baby) and Tyler had Doggie. The tale of Doggies is here... Well, 38 days ago Tyler's world (and Mom & Dad's world) was turned up upside down when suddenly Doggie went missing. Every inch & corner was searched but nothing turned up. Tyler was brave and powered through but she was still sad and would cry out at night for Doggie a few times a week. Very sad when there is nothing you can do to bring Doggie back.

This is how Tyler coped....
She would go to bed with her pillow & blanket
and we would often find her like this later that night.

Well, yesterday while doing yardwork, Uncle Brandon made a discovery under a pile of pine needles in his backyard...
Oh Happy Day!
First sight after 38 days apart....

Pure Joy.

Thinking Uncle Brandon is super cool!

Confirming this is actually "Stinky Doggie"

Patiently waiting for him to get clean.
Speed wash!

Even Harper is thrilled.

Talking to Doggie about what he has been doing all of this time away.

And in true Tyler & Harper fashion...
A Welcome Home Party!

Oh Happy Day for sure!


Brooke Hall said...

That is THE cutest post.....the vacuum cleaner inhere bed?? HA-larious!!!! So cute waiting by the dryer....loved this

The Harveys said...

So glad it was found!!! Yayy for Tyler!

Lindsay Boner said...

Brett says it looks like Tyler fell asleep at fao Schwartz!!