Monday, February 23, 2009

The Tale of Doggie

Tyler has a doggie that has been a constant companion since about 7 months old. Doggie has been a great friend to Miss Tyler & she has loved him to pieces (literally!) Tyler sleeps with doggie's arm in her mouth and when she is not asleep with him she cries out "Dog, Dog" at the bottom of the stairs until she gets up to the nursery to get precious doggie out of the crib. Seeing how important doggie is to her, we decided to order a few backups in case doggie completely falls apart in the wash. Today was the day the extra doggies arrived and it was better than Christmas for sweet Miss Tyler!

The Doggie Lineup
Far right is the original doggie
Poor dog's fluffiness has turned flat & discolored
We had no idea she had "loved" it this much!

Tyler gives all the doggies a hug

and a kiss!

She tests out the arms to make sure they taste the same.
Disgusting! You can smell old doggie from around the block.
Weekly baths don't seem to be doing the trick.

Tyler checks out the new dog to make sure it is the right one...

...but goes back to the original doggie. 
Uh Oh! This did not go as planned.

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Ashley said...

That is so funny! Macyn has a duck that she is the same way about! We tried to order back-ups but by the time we did, they stopped making them!!! Eric even called the Carter's National head quarters to ask them...but no luck! We have three other similar duck, but NONE do the trick like the original!
Hope you are doing well! The girls get more and more beautiful every day!