Monday, August 31, 2009

It's A...

It's a... going to be a SURPRISE! Somehow Mommy & Daddy made it through the appointment without giving in and we are going to have Baby #3 be a surprise in January.

Mom had lots of jellybeans before the ultrasound so we had a VERY active baby from all of the sugar. There was lots of waving, kicking & turning circles. Everything looks great and he/she weighs about 8 ounces which is right on target and was just as healthy as can be! We are very blessed.

Sunday, August 30, 2009

Sing A Song

Here is our Miss Tyler in action singing her favorite song! A little performer already.

Thursday, August 27, 2009

These Days...

These days... are quite busy.

These Days... We have spent a lot of time getting ready for school which starts in two weeks. Tyler loves her ABC's & will watch videos of anyone singing the alphabet, its her favorite! We are also working on counting & colors. We are making progress, slowly but surely.

These Days... we each get our own ice cream cone after lunch at Chic-fil-a. Sometimes we save Mommy or Daddy a bite. Tyler's favorite food right now is strawberries, Harper's favorite is grilled cheese sandwiches on white bread (of course!)

These Days... we have become cleaner eaters. Mom still calls Harper pigpen during mealtime, but the floors are not as covered with food like they used to be. We each take a Flinstone vitamin in the morning and Mom thinks it is helping us grow. We seem taller these days, but don't seem to weigh much above 20 pounds still!

These Days... Harper has become such a great helper. She says "mess" with such a Southern accent and will pick up trash and put it in the trash can. She also says "dirty" and then uses wipes to clean it up. A little neat freak!

These Days... the girls sing to each other. They love the Sesame Street song "Sing a Song" and will hum it & then start making the words up. They each think their sister is the funniest person in the world! NO one can make them smile bigger than each other.

These Days... Tyler has let her sweet side out. She will come sit in your lap & cuddle. She also comes to you with her hands up and says "Carry Me" then rests her head on your shoulder. Its so sweet!

These Days... Harper has become quite interested in the potty. She went "pee pees" all by herself last night on her little potty. She was so proud.

These Days... sometimes the girls get caught doing things they are not supposed to be doing. Photographic proof above! Most of the time the girls are so sweet to each other and say "share" when they want something the other one has. We do have biting & pinching problems occasionally, but we are hoping by the time pre-school starts the girls will have gotten over that. We will see.

These days... sure are busy. But they sure are fun!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Harper & her Babies!

To say that our daughter Harper is obsessed with baby dolls is an understatement! There is a Toy store in town we go often to buy birthday gifts or just to play. When we walk in the door the girls run straight to the back corner where all of the baby dolls are. This store has lots of strollers & dolls out to play with. Harper can't get enough!

Harper pushing her double stroller!
Most kids just put two dolls in... not our Harper!

She is very picky about her babies.
She prefers dolls that have no hair & always is drawn to the Corolle line
(that is the brand her precious Coco is & she can spot them easily!)

Finally satisfied with the number of dolls.
There were tears when we left,
but I promised to bring her back in a few days to play again.

*The quality of the pictures is not the best... these were snapped from my camera phone.

Sunday, August 23, 2009

A Bug Filled Day

Over the weekend Tyler & Harper wanted to show Daddy a place that they visit once a week... The Nature Museum. The girls immediately walked in and started pointing out the birds, chickens, fish, turtles & other animals to Dad. They love this place!

Harper as the Cutest Bug!

Tyler as the Cutest Bug!

Hanging out in the tree house. Always a hit!

Tyler shows Daddy the Butterfly.

Harper points out a flying squirrel to Daddy.
Dad knows all about these though... he had one in college.

Thursday, August 20, 2009

Arts & Crafts

We have been out & about recently trying to decide what activities the girls want to do when they are not in pre-school this fall! Today we checked out a fun Kid Art place & it was a hit. So, it looks like Tyler & Harper will be taking an art class where they will paint & make fun crafts, a dance class & a music class. We are going to squeeze in lots of fun mommy & "ty ty" and "parper" fun while it is just the three of us!

Harper & Tyler making some bead bracelets

These girls are all about jewelry!
They love to accessorize.

Tyler & Harper having some lemonade
with their friends Sophia & Sophia.
Proving once again to Mommy that big girl cups = big messes!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Which way to the Court?

The girls put on their tennis outfits this morning so we decided to see what the sport was all about. Tyler & Harper's version of Tennis at 20 months is taking the balls in & out of the basket.



Helping to clean up!
They have become great helpers these days.

After Tennis the girls came inside and were introduced to Barbie!
It was love at first sight.
Best part about Barbie is brushing her hair!

Monday, August 17, 2009

My how they have grown!

My how our baby girls have grown!
Below is a picture of the girls in their floor nanny at 3 weeks old...

Tyler (L) & Harper (R)

...and here are our baby girls at 20 1/2 months old
still playing in their floor nanny!
They love to snuggle up together in this around bedtime.

Harper (L) & Tyler (R)

And the reason behind our lack of posts this past week... we were in Kentucky enjoying a long weekend for Cousin Tripp's wedding & celebrating our 5 year anniversary. We brought the girls back some little horses that "neigh" and promised to take them with us on our next visit.

Mom & Dad at the reception on a beautiful horse farm!
You can see Baby #3 here starting to make his/her presence known!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sidewalk Chalk Sillies

We spent the afternoon in the driveway creating art! Pregnant Mommy was tired and did not feel like a big adventure so we brought out the sidewalk chalk for the first time all summer. Normally Arts & Crafts projects mean paint/chalk/crayons in the mouth so we have been waiting until the right time to test the colorful chalk out! It was worth the wait...

Miss Harper

Miss Tyler

Harper is saying the colors...
Well, kind of.
When you ask her what color is it, she always replies "green".

Tyler is counting...
Well, kind of.
When you start counting with her the only number she says is "two".

Taking a pop-pop break!
Boy was it HOT today.

Mommy spoke too soon...
Harper decides to taste the chalk, yuck!

Tyler wanted to paint her toes to look like Mommy!
I think a trip to get Mommy Daughter Pedicures is in our future.

Saturday, August 8, 2009

Summertime Cookout

This weekend we had a summer cookout in the backyard. It was over 90 but that did not slow the kids down one bit! There were 18 adults & 14 kids including the 4 that are currently cooking in bellies.

Dinner time for the kids!


Lucy helping to feed Harper
She loves the big girls

Tyler, Harper & their best friend Mary Brooks

The "little" kids

Lawrence, Jack, Tyler, Harper, Mary Brooks, Henry & Griffin

Tyler & boyfriend Jack

Harper scores her first kiss from Henry

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

20 Months Old!

Tyler & Harper are 20 Months Old!

Harper (L) & Tyler (R)
This picture shows their personality differences quite clearly...
Tyler wakes up and asks for piggies (pig tails)
while Miss Harper immediately pulls hers out.

At 20 Months the girls have big personalities, but different ones (no, they are not exactly alike all of the time!) Their world revolves around baby dolls and pushing them in the stroller. They prefer big girl chairs instead of high chairs. "Please" is a normal way to ask for something these days and it is so hard to say no when it sounds so sweet. They are just learning Sorry ("So So") and have learned what it means to share (not that they always do it!). Favorite foods include blackberries, raisins, bbq chips, anything dipped in ranch & pizza. With 2 just around the corner our girls are growing up so fast!!!

Monday, August 3, 2009

Beach Bum Highlights

We are back from the beach... still washing the sand out of our hair! We all had such a great time and the girls are officially pros at beachin' it!

Tyler & Harper
Snacking on the beach

Family Photo
The Whites August '09
Tyler & Harper 20 Months

Honey & the Girls

Drinking Daddy's 'kid-friendly' pina coladas

Playing a little Mario Kart
The girls loved thinking they were playing!

Harper gives kisses to Pop

Checking out the crabs before we ate them for dinner!

Tyler practicing her kicking
She loves swimming!

Beach Bums!!!

Here are some more pictures from our trip.... Enjoy!