Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Sidewalk Chalk Sillies

We spent the afternoon in the driveway creating art! Pregnant Mommy was tired and did not feel like a big adventure so we brought out the sidewalk chalk for the first time all summer. Normally Arts & Crafts projects mean paint/chalk/crayons in the mouth so we have been waiting until the right time to test the colorful chalk out! It was worth the wait...

Miss Harper

Miss Tyler

Harper is saying the colors...
Well, kind of.
When you ask her what color is it, she always replies "green".

Tyler is counting...
Well, kind of.
When you start counting with her the only number she says is "two".

Taking a pop-pop break!
Boy was it HOT today.

Mommy spoke too soon...
Harper decides to taste the chalk, yuck!

Tyler wanted to paint her toes to look like Mommy!
I think a trip to get Mommy Daughter Pedicures is in our future.

1 comment:

Lindsay Boner said...

TWO is henry's only number too!! so funny!