Thursday, August 27, 2009

These Days...

These days... are quite busy.

These Days... We have spent a lot of time getting ready for school which starts in two weeks. Tyler loves her ABC's & will watch videos of anyone singing the alphabet, its her favorite! We are also working on counting & colors. We are making progress, slowly but surely.

These Days... we each get our own ice cream cone after lunch at Chic-fil-a. Sometimes we save Mommy or Daddy a bite. Tyler's favorite food right now is strawberries, Harper's favorite is grilled cheese sandwiches on white bread (of course!)

These Days... we have become cleaner eaters. Mom still calls Harper pigpen during mealtime, but the floors are not as covered with food like they used to be. We each take a Flinstone vitamin in the morning and Mom thinks it is helping us grow. We seem taller these days, but don't seem to weigh much above 20 pounds still!

These Days... Harper has become such a great helper. She says "mess" with such a Southern accent and will pick up trash and put it in the trash can. She also says "dirty" and then uses wipes to clean it up. A little neat freak!

These Days... the girls sing to each other. They love the Sesame Street song "Sing a Song" and will hum it & then start making the words up. They each think their sister is the funniest person in the world! NO one can make them smile bigger than each other.

These Days... Tyler has let her sweet side out. She will come sit in your lap & cuddle. She also comes to you with her hands up and says "Carry Me" then rests her head on your shoulder. Its so sweet!

These Days... Harper has become quite interested in the potty. She went "pee pees" all by herself last night on her little potty. She was so proud.

These Days... sometimes the girls get caught doing things they are not supposed to be doing. Photographic proof above! Most of the time the girls are so sweet to each other and say "share" when they want something the other one has. We do have biting & pinching problems occasionally, but we are hoping by the time pre-school starts the girls will have gotten over that. We will see.

These days... sure are busy. But they sure are fun!

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