Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Once again Halloween has been going on for weeks now in our house but all was leading up to expectations of the big night... trick or treating! We had a great family day getting all of the last Halloween preparations done and the girls just twiddled their thumbs until it got dark and it was time for the rush of sugar!

Harper & Tyler carving the pumpkin.

The girls loved the pumpkin goo!
Our finished pumpkin was pretty pathetic this year, so no photos!

Even Court was loving the slimy stuff.
(Yes he is still in pj's mid-afternoon! It was that kind of day!)

All decked out for the neighborhood Halloween Party.
The Christmas Trio with Daddy as Justin Beiber, the teen heartthrob these days.

First Trick-or-treat of the night...
Ebby & Poppy's House (even Jackson the dog was dressed up!)

Court & his empty candy bucket.
Next year buddy!

The Whites
All of our kids (including the 4 legged little guy as a mini Santa)

Aunt Jacquelyn & Uncle Jonathan came to take the girls trick-or-treating.
Spaghetti & a Chicken (hmmm, guess the preggers girl has food on her mind!)

On the hunt for Candy!

Pros! They went to about 3o houses.

Showing off their loot to Baby Court.
The girls dinner tonight consisted of sweet tarts, nerds, kit kat & snickers.

Best Part of the night...
Handing out Candy to the Big Girls & Boys still out.
Girls loved it!!!!

Here are pictures from Halloweens Past...

Mom is so glad to not be sporting the same shirt as years past!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Party Time!

The kids have quite the social calendar this week! Non-stop parties. Everyone is having a blast. The girls love dressing up & getting candy. Court just goes with the flow. Hope we can all keep up until actual Halloween this weekend.

Harper showing off her funny lips from Great Aunt Sallie.

Tyler, too funny!

The girls had their Pre-School Halloween party yesterday. They carved pumpkins! I was told Tyler laughed & giggled and loved playing with the pumpkin seeds. Guess carving ours this weekend will be a hit!



Having fun with the pumpkin seeds.

They had to be pried away from them after 30 minutes!

Tyler & Thomas (she says he is her best friend!)

Now onto sweet Baby Court... he had playgroup this morning. Since his sisters were not there for the Christmas Trio, he ventured out as a monkey...
Court, little monkey!

Lawton as Yoda, Henry the Elephant, Court the monkey, Reynolds the fairy, Lily Frances the monkey, Holt the Elephant, Ben the Hungry Hippo, Josie the cupcake & Genevieve as Princess Leia.

Court was mad he was not Rudolph... hence the rare tears!

Happy Halloween from Pumpkin Court!

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Halloween Party!

Halloween is here... 5 parties in 5 days, here we go! We started off the festivities at CCC for their annual Halloween bash. Lots of fun. Costumes were chosen by Harper...

Party time with Ebby & Poppy

Pony Rides

Pumpkin Painting

Pumpkin Posing


A Costume Parade...
and guess who won the grand prize???

The Christmas Trio
Tyler as Frosty the Snowman
Harper as Santa
Court as Rudolph the Red Nose Reindeer

I think they won because they got the most laughs!
Great way to start off Halloween 2010.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Visit with the Grumps

Yesterday Grumpa came to town to visit with his gran-babies. The girls were in school for the morning so Court actually got some attention and when we went to get Tyler & Harper from school we got a peek at their Halloween march they were doing with their friends at school, pretty cute!

Grumpa & Mr. Smiley

Lunch in the bus...

And Court had his first taste of chocolate, Halloween cupcakes made by Libby. This kid LOVES anything sweet. He is going to be a cupcake pro by the time his 1st birthday rolls around. The girls never had a cupcake before they turned 1, guess Court is a typical 3rd child with Mommy being pretty laid back.

Happy 9 Month Birthday little guy.

This taste of chocolate must have given him a spurt of energy... this morning he was all over the place rolling all the way across the room and rocking back & forth. I think crawling is not too far off. Seems like his buddies Lawton & Ben have been sharing their tips for being on the move!

Friday, October 22, 2010


When asked recently how I get out the door with 3 kids in tow to get the girls to school on time I recently confessed that I do not do it alone. Since Court was born Mommy's Mommy (Ebby) has been here every school morning to help get everyone ready so we can get to school by 9am. I am not super mom by myself, I require a more experienced super mom to get it done! But another confession is below....

Yep, big sisters are put to work too.... bottle & hair brushing duty for baby Court! They are great helpers and great big sisters!!!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Parties & Pumpkins

Court's social calendar is filling up very quickly these days... lots of buddies turning 1! This morning we hit up 2 of our good friends birthdays, Court smiled the whole time watching all his buddies crawling around and then devoured a yummy cupcake. I think he takes after his Mommy with sweets!

Mommy & Court with Girlfriend Leighton & her mommy Katherine

Full on Sugar Rush!

Meanwhile the girls' world revolves around pumpkins these days. The girls like to take their pumpkins with them on walks & push them in the swing and Harper even asked to have her pumpkin sleep with her. Every time we get in the car we spend the whole trip spotting pumpkins. Fun time of year for these two...
Pumpkin she picked out!

Pumpkin she picked out, guess she did not want the ugly one to be left behind!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Cutie Patootie

I had a special request for some Court cuteness! Here is what Court has been up to lately...

Quite a few older ladies have come up recently and pinched his chipmunk cheeks, they are pretty hard to resist!
He loves showing off his 2 bottom teeth. He has 4 more coming in up top.

This kid will sit for hours & not move an inch. He has been sitting since he was 5 months so we have had almost 4 months of easiness!

He squeals when his farm talks to him. Court loves music & books.

Hanging with good buddy Ben at some of his twin friends' 1st birthday party. It was wear your favorite team, Court looked pretty cute as a tarheel!

Monday, October 18, 2010

Ducks with the Bucks

Aunt Jacquelyn & Uncle Jonathan (aka Nanny & Buck) took the girls to feed the ducks this weekend. Girls had a blast and it gave the Bucks some practice... they just found out they are going to have a little girl of their own come March!

Tyler & Harper at the duck pond.

Uncle Jonathan leading the way...

Feeding the ducks.

Aunt Jacquelyn knows the way to their hearts..

... its with cupcakes!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Pumpkin Pickin'

We hit the road for Riverbend Farms today, a great little pumpkin patch about 20 minutes away. This was our third year going and the best one yet. A fun fall family day!

The Family!
Harper. Court. Mommy. Daddy. Tyler.

Tyler on the hunt for the perfect punkin'!

Our 3 little Pumpkins!

Daddy & his girls

Mommy & her boy!

Court & girlfriend Leighton

The girls driving the tractor!

Petting zoo.
Billy goats were a huge hit with the girls.

On the bus with friends Lexy & Mary Brooks.

Down the very FAST slide!

Washing our hands, always a hit.

The White kids.

Court loving his first trip to Riverbend.

Court coming in at about 2 feet.

The girls are getting taller each year.

Happy Fall!

Here are pictures from our trip last year...
and the year before!