Thursday, October 14, 2010


Reality has finally set in... 3 kids under 3 is pretty insane most days! I am not sure why it took us 8 months to figure out that 3 under 3 is a wild ride, but needless to say its has been chaos around here lately. The girls have given up their nap so Mommy's quiet time is now filled with Yo Gabba Gabba and cleaning up toys that appear faster than I can move. That probably explains why it has been 10 days since we have taken pictures of the cuties... Finally remembered to bring the camera this morning to our Pre-School's Pancake Breakfast. Girls loved seeing their friends and Court loved eating a whole bowl of grits.

Tyler. Georgia. Harper. Lexy.

Court, Mr. Butterball.

We have lots of fun Fall activities planned, so be on the lookout for pictures of our 3 under 3!

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