Thursday, October 21, 2010

Parties & Pumpkins

Court's social calendar is filling up very quickly these days... lots of buddies turning 1! This morning we hit up 2 of our good friends birthdays, Court smiled the whole time watching all his buddies crawling around and then devoured a yummy cupcake. I think he takes after his Mommy with sweets!

Mommy & Court with Girlfriend Leighton & her mommy Katherine

Full on Sugar Rush!

Meanwhile the girls' world revolves around pumpkins these days. The girls like to take their pumpkins with them on walks & push them in the swing and Harper even asked to have her pumpkin sleep with her. Every time we get in the car we spend the whole trip spotting pumpkins. Fun time of year for these two...
Pumpkin she picked out!

Pumpkin she picked out, guess she did not want the ugly one to be left behind!

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