Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Visit with the Grumps

Yesterday Grumpa came to town to visit with his gran-babies. The girls were in school for the morning so Court actually got some attention and when we went to get Tyler & Harper from school we got a peek at their Halloween march they were doing with their friends at school, pretty cute!

Grumpa & Mr. Smiley

Lunch in the bus...

And Court had his first taste of chocolate, Halloween cupcakes made by Libby. This kid LOVES anything sweet. He is going to be a cupcake pro by the time his 1st birthday rolls around. The girls never had a cupcake before they turned 1, guess Court is a typical 3rd child with Mommy being pretty laid back.

Happy 9 Month Birthday little guy.

This taste of chocolate must have given him a spurt of energy... this morning he was all over the place rolling all the way across the room and rocking back & forth. I think crawling is not too far off. Seems like his buddies Lawton & Ben have been sharing their tips for being on the move!

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