Sunday, October 31, 2010

Trick or Treat!

Once again Halloween has been going on for weeks now in our house but all was leading up to expectations of the big night... trick or treating! We had a great family day getting all of the last Halloween preparations done and the girls just twiddled their thumbs until it got dark and it was time for the rush of sugar!

Harper & Tyler carving the pumpkin.

The girls loved the pumpkin goo!
Our finished pumpkin was pretty pathetic this year, so no photos!

Even Court was loving the slimy stuff.
(Yes he is still in pj's mid-afternoon! It was that kind of day!)

All decked out for the neighborhood Halloween Party.
The Christmas Trio with Daddy as Justin Beiber, the teen heartthrob these days.

First Trick-or-treat of the night...
Ebby & Poppy's House (even Jackson the dog was dressed up!)

Court & his empty candy bucket.
Next year buddy!

The Whites
All of our kids (including the 4 legged little guy as a mini Santa)

Aunt Jacquelyn & Uncle Jonathan came to take the girls trick-or-treating.
Spaghetti & a Chicken (hmmm, guess the preggers girl has food on her mind!)

On the hunt for Candy!

Pros! They went to about 3o houses.

Showing off their loot to Baby Court.
The girls dinner tonight consisted of sweet tarts, nerds, kit kat & snickers.

Best Part of the night...
Handing out Candy to the Big Girls & Boys still out.
Girls loved it!!!!

Here are pictures from Halloweens Past...

Mom is so glad to not be sporting the same shirt as years past!

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