Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!!!

So Halloween has been celebrated for almost an entire month it seems like.... and now the special day has come (and gone for Tyler & Harper who finally just went to bed at 8:45!). The girls had a big day. Lots of fun activities, lots of sugar & lots of smiles!

Dad & the girls at the Runway 5k
Bright & Early this morning!
Dad placed 3rd in his age group pushing the stroller. It was at the airport on the runway so Tyler & Harper got to see their first airplanes up close & personal!

Dressed up ready to go trick or treating!
This was post-neighborhood party so the girls already had plenty of sugar in them.
They were even bribed to wear their hats with skittles.

With a mouthful of skittles!

Already stuffed full of sugar!

Off to trick or treat with Daddy in the rain.
They caught on quickly and said "Next house, more candy"

Checking out their loot...

Yum... pop pop!

Harper cruising on her ladybug!

Happy Halloween!

Mom wore this same shirt 2 Halloweens ago when T & H were just 5 short weeks away from arrival. My how things have changed!!!

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