Tuesday, October 6, 2009

"Oss" Cast

Miss Tyler had become a little celebrity in the hallways at school. Kids stopped her to look at her cast and she proudly showed it off. But those days are over (and I think Harper is the most excited about it!) because the cast is "oss"! That is what Tyler says... "oss cast, oss cast, oss cast!" (translation off cast).

Brave Tyler didn't even flinch with the loud noise
& saw coming at her arm!

Doggie & "pappie" (passie) were there to make it ok!
Tyler saw some of her friends with a passie the other day
so she now thinks it is what cool kids do & likes to do the same and show off.

And there is that beautiful arm we have been missing!

Miss Harper came along to see what all of the fuss was about... she even tried on the old cast then they both proudly dumped it in the trash and said bye bye to the nice doctor! We are really hoping this is our one and only cast experience.

To celebrate the girls had their first bubble bath together in almost a month... they were in there for about an hour!

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