Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Fall is Here!

Fall is here & the girls are settling right into their new routine! Tears at pre-school are a distant memory and Tyler & Harper are really enjoying their new school friends & their teachers. We spend the week juggling activities of dance, art, storytimes & playdates with friends. Every once in a while we spend an afternoon at home & lately the weather has been so nice we will just hang out in the backyard.

Miss Harper
Favorite Things: Play-Doh & Wipes (Or as she calls them "cleans")

Miss Tyler
Favorite Things: Baby Dolls & Pocket Books

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

A birthday!

We went to celebrate Mama Lou's 80th birthday.... a surprise party! The girls were excited about seeing everyone & having some yummy cake.

Harper & Tyler
Almost 22 Months

Tyler enjoying her pop pop with Honey

Happy 80th Birthday Mama Lou!

Miss Harper enjoyed the cake a little too much.

Friday, September 25, 2009

Festival In The Park

The girls hit up Festival in the Park this morning for some fun with Mommy! When Mom wasn't chasing two toddlers around, a few pictures were snapped. The girls rode their first rides and had their first corn dogs... welcome to childhood!

Riding in the "air-pwane"

Harper spinning Mommy & Tyler fast!

Yea for Jumpy castles.

No fear!

This cast is not going to slow Tyler down one bit!

Bounce, bounce, bounce!

What a fun morning... now we are all going down for a long nap!

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Tiny Dancers!

Tyler & Harper started dance class this week & loved it! I think these two were born to be in the spotlight. When they were not watching themselves in the mirror they were looking around to see who was looking at them! Little stars!

Off to Dance!

Getting excited about going to class!

Tyler (L) & Harper (R)

Harper practicing her "tap tap tap"

Getting into it now!
A toddler dance class is not very structured....
most of the time they ran around and giggled.

Tyler, Harper & Carson

Monday, September 21, 2009

Bows, Bows, Bows!

Where did our little girls go that refused to wear bows? They are no where to be found these days, because these girls are finally all about bows, bows, bows! And Mom loves it!

Tyler & Harper with Mom on her birthday

Our bow wearing girls with our UNC buddies...
Avery, Graham, Harper, Tyler, Burton & Griffin

Playing the new fun dress up game!
Mom puts bows in their hair and they keep saying "more more!"

Checking ourselves out in the mirror!
We think we are too cute!

Harper being silly!

Tyler being even sillier!

Yea for bows!

Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another Race, Another Win!

This weekend Daddy & the girls ran in the Race for Fetal Hope. And Daddy won in his age group while pushing a double stroller! Seems like Tyler, Harper & Daddy make a great team!!!

Dad & the girls in the way back...

Go Dad Go!

Another strong finish!

The girls have become great stroller riders when they go fast!
New words after going with Daddy to all of these runs are
"Race", "Fast" & "Win"

Tyler enjoying some cotton candy!
She has already adjusted to just using one hand
& seems to be on the path for a speedy recovery.

Miss Harper!
She made a big "mess" with her cotton candy.

Going up to get their 1st place medal!

Way to Go!!!
Another race, another win!
Seems like we have set the girls expectations pretty high from the beginning!

Family Shot!

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One tough cookie!

Tyler has a boo boo... a BIG boo boo! Poor thing fell about a week ago when she was trying out her new skill of climbing. After a big tumble from a dining room chair, she cried & said "hurt" but fell asleep that night and has been just about her usual sweet self ever since. After we started noticing that her arm still seemed to be bothering her a week later we went to get it checked out and after a full day of x-rays and doctor visits we have a pink cast with a diagnosis of a broken arm.

Miss Tyler being so brave getting her cast on!
Her little arm is broken in two places.
Even the Doctor said it was fine until after he saw the x-rays!

Doggie came along to help Tyler out.
Doggie has a matching pink cast on his left arm just like Ty Ty.
They will both wear their casts for 3 weeks!!!

Finally home after a full day getting checked out & missing our nap.
Tyler did great & proudly shows off her cast to anyone who asks!
Harper saw it & said boo boo & held up her arm because she wanted one too.
Pink casts are very cool around our house!

Tyler still smiling!
We are just still in shock that she had a broken arm for a week & went about playing like nothing was wrong. She fell & scraped her knee this afternoon & cried more than she did when she broke her arm. One VERY tough cookie!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

First WIN!

Over the weekend the girls competed in their first race with Daddy! Tyler & Harper helped Dad win the stroller race of the Hog Jog. Way to go!

#1 in the Stroller Race 5k

Hog Jog 2009

Hanging out in the beer cart with Big Poppy.
He volunteered & served beer for 2 hours straight, starting at 8am.
Tyler & Harper did not participate in that part of the race!

Post race with our medals!
A very full stroller packed with goodies, dolls & doggies sent by Mommy to keep the girls entertained for the race. It worked, not a peep out of these ladies for the whole run!

Hog Jog
Blues, Brews & BBQ

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Art Class

We have two little artists on our hands! The girls have been going to art class recently and just love it. Painting, drawing, glue crafts, bead bracelets & play-doh! Harper loves play-doh & cannot get enough while Tyler loves to paint. It is always a fun afternoon & mom especially loves it because there is no mess afterwards for her to clean up (except the paint that ends up all over the girls!)

Play-Doh Table

Miss Harper in heaven with all of the play-doh
She tends to carry it around to every station with her!

Tyler working on her masterpiece!
She is learning the colors & will ask for what color paint she wants.

Dot Painting!

Harper loving the mess.
She paints her hands then likes to go wash them in the sink.

How pretty Tyler.

Playing with our twin friends, Hayden & Brooke.

Tyler & her best friend Mary Brooks.

The girls just love art class!