Thursday, September 10, 2009

Art Class

We have two little artists on our hands! The girls have been going to art class recently and just love it. Painting, drawing, glue crafts, bead bracelets & play-doh! Harper loves play-doh & cannot get enough while Tyler loves to paint. It is always a fun afternoon & mom especially loves it because there is no mess afterwards for her to clean up (except the paint that ends up all over the girls!)

Play-Doh Table

Miss Harper in heaven with all of the play-doh
She tends to carry it around to every station with her!

Tyler working on her masterpiece!
She is learning the colors & will ask for what color paint she wants.

Dot Painting!

Harper loving the mess.
She paints her hands then likes to go wash them in the sink.

How pretty Tyler.

Playing with our twin friends, Hayden & Brooke.

Tyler & her best friend Mary Brooks.

The girls just love art class!

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