Wednesday, September 16, 2009

One tough cookie!

Tyler has a boo boo... a BIG boo boo! Poor thing fell about a week ago when she was trying out her new skill of climbing. After a big tumble from a dining room chair, she cried & said "hurt" but fell asleep that night and has been just about her usual sweet self ever since. After we started noticing that her arm still seemed to be bothering her a week later we went to get it checked out and after a full day of x-rays and doctor visits we have a pink cast with a diagnosis of a broken arm.

Miss Tyler being so brave getting her cast on!
Her little arm is broken in two places.
Even the Doctor said it was fine until after he saw the x-rays!

Doggie came along to help Tyler out.
Doggie has a matching pink cast on his left arm just like Ty Ty.
They will both wear their casts for 3 weeks!!!

Finally home after a full day getting checked out & missing our nap.
Tyler did great & proudly shows off her cast to anyone who asks!
Harper saw it & said boo boo & held up her arm because she wanted one too.
Pink casts are very cool around our house!

Tyler still smiling!
We are just still in shock that she had a broken arm for a week & went about playing like nothing was wrong. She fell & scraped her knee this afternoon & cried more than she did when she broke her arm. One VERY tough cookie!

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