Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Around the House

After dinner before baths & bedtime the girls just run around the house full of energy & love playing together. Most of the time they like playing alone. If Mommy or Daddy come to play they say bye-bye and run off. The other night the girls got too quiet so we searched around to find them. We found them in a secret hiding place under the stairs. It is called secret because Tyler & Harper did not know it existed until the other night.

Looks like they love the new hiding place!

Now we just need Daddy to paint it pink, add some carpet
and a No Boys Allowed sign. A perfect inside Fort!

And here is one of the funny things the girls do these days...
Walk doggie.
This was Tyler's idea all by herself.

Harper has to follow Tyler's lead and walks Coco.
We sure hope Baby #3 is not subjected to this treatment!

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