Saturday, September 19, 2009

Another Race, Another Win!

This weekend Daddy & the girls ran in the Race for Fetal Hope. And Daddy won in his age group while pushing a double stroller! Seems like Tyler, Harper & Daddy make a great team!!!

Dad & the girls in the way back...

Go Dad Go!

Another strong finish!

The girls have become great stroller riders when they go fast!
New words after going with Daddy to all of these runs are
"Race", "Fast" & "Win"

Tyler enjoying some cotton candy!
She has already adjusted to just using one hand
& seems to be on the path for a speedy recovery.

Miss Harper!
She made a big "mess" with her cotton candy.

Going up to get their 1st place medal!

Way to Go!!!
Another race, another win!
Seems like we have set the girls expectations pretty high from the beginning!

Family Shot!

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