Thursday, July 29, 2010

Lights, Camera, Action!

Live & in action... our kids today!

Don't get too excited, not the best footage, but it works.
Girls are singing "Jesus Loves Me" with lollipops in their mouth, of course!

And here is Court's voice... he is back & squealing just as loud as his big sissies!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

6 Months

Court is 6 Months old... hard to believe! He is such a sweet baby boy & got a great report from the doctor today. He "talked" it up the whole appointment, batted his long lashes and was called a "big flirt" by a few of the nurses. I think those chubby cheeks is what seals the deal.

Court, 6 Months
Almost 17 pounds
Almost 26" long (yea, up from the 10th to 3oth percentile!)

At 6 Months...
Court you: sit well, wiggle your toes all of the time & laugh at them moving, babble & "talk" all of the time again (yea for tubes!), eat baby food twice a day, love sweet potatoes (your fav!), cuddle with your dinosaur rattle at night, sleep great (12+ hours at night and 2 good naps a day), are so easy going, have no teeth but are a drooling boy for sure, love splashing in the water and are our most favorite little boy in the world!!!

In other news...
Aunt Jacquelyn squeezed Court in for his first haircut... a little shape up & a trim off the ol' toupee... he was on a fast track to have his sister Tyler's famous combover, so we had to intervene. Mom did not have her camera on her (gasp!) but luckily Meriwether was in the salon & took some cute phone shots...

Cool Kid!

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Session 2

Camp Honey-Pop opened up for an unplanned session 2 this week since Court had his surgery. The girls could not have been more thrilled. We went to drop the girls off and Court enjoyed being a part time camper for a few hours. He is looking forward to next summer when he can join in on the fun too.

Aside from being a grandmother, Honey is also a montessori school teacher. So session 2 involved some learning for the girls...

The girls sorting with the bean bowl.



Learning is fun!

Court checking out the fun!!!

Camp Honey-Pop Session 2!

The girls are coming back tomorrow, then Court is going to really experience life in full sound!

Monday, July 26, 2010

A Whole New World!

Court had surgery to have tubes put in his ears this morning... ironic since he has never had an ear infection, but there was fluid behind both ears that the doctors thought was causing some hearing loss. We could not have asked for things to go better. An easy going boy this morning and a check plus from the pediatric audioligist on his hearing. We are relieved to have this behind us & can't wait for Court to experience this whole new world in sound.

On his 6 month birthday
Almost to the minute of when he was born!

Showing off his baby scrubs!

All smiles despite the no food rule!

Straight snoozing

He woke up & fussed when we arrived in recovery then fell back asleep on Mommy and is currently home still sleeping on Mommy. We can't wait for him to wake up and hear the chaos of our house but Mommy is sure loving this little boy snuggle time right now.

Thank you all for your thoughts & prayers for sweet Court!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Take my picture, I look pretty!

Another week in town means another week of summer camp for the girls! Dance Camp again... tutus, twirling, tumbling. This morning as we were walking out the door Harper said "Mommy, take my picture. I look pretty." How can I turn down that sweet request?

Harper (L) & Tyler (R)

Sweet Sissies!
The girls have been so wonderful lately. They have been playing so nicely together. Always wanting to hold hands and will not separate for even a few minutes. If one goes in another room, the other one follows. Oh to be a twin!

While the girls were busy dancing the morning away Court had a little fun with Mommy swinging in the front yard. Court rarely gets a turn on the swing since these are always taken by his big sisters. Dad may have to put up a 3rd swing, the little guy loved it.
Court, 6 Months

So fun!

In other news, over the past few weeks our dear Court has been a little "off"... just a Mommy & Daddy (and grandmothers too) instinct that something was going on and he was not quite himself. After a few doctors appointments we have a plan and Court will be having surgery on Monday to have tubes put in his ears to have the fluid drained. The doctor thinks this is causing some hearing loss which is the reason behind him being so quiet, so we are hopeful that this will be a quick fix & he will be back to his old self. We all woke up today & Court is already chatting, babbling, blowing raspberries & laughing at everything. I guess the doctor did enough cleaning of his ears that his hearing is getting already better. The girls kept saying "Court is talking Mommy" all day today. Keep Court in your thoughts on Monday morning, we were pretty nervous about this yesterday but we are already feeling so much better about things!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

This & That

A few pictures to share...

Court, just shy of 6 months
Officially a good sitter!
He will sit and play with blocks & toys now for 30 mins at a time.
This is a whole 3 months earlier than the girls sat up.

Loving the bath!
He definitely prefers a solo bath, the girls are a little much for him in the bath these days.
Too much splashing & squealing!

The girls new found obsession...
Silly Bandz!
Tyler & Harper were in heaven playing with cousins Whitley & Branch's stash.

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Uncle Brandon & AUNT Missy

So, its official... Tyler, Harper & Court now have a new Aunt. Missy & Brandon tied the knot this weekend at a perfect beach wedding. The girls had the honor of being official flower girls and were so excited about the big duty.

Up bright & early ready to go to the beach.
They wanted to make sure we did not forget them, so they sat with all of the bags.

Mommy & Daddy with the cutest flower girls in town!

A beautiful wedding!

The bride & groom about to jump on the boat to get hitched!

Flower Girl good behavior bribes...

Congratulations Missy & Brandon.
We love you both.

Luckily after the vows on the boat, Mommy put up the camera & enjoyed herself (maybe a little too much!). The girls danced with the ring bearer on the dance floor for a solid hour and loved every minute of the crowd's "ooh's & ahh's". The night ended with glow sticks, ice luge shots & a little hip hop. It was a blast.

Court stayed home and was as good as gold for Aunt Jacquelyn & Uncle Buck. Thanks guys!!!

Now we are off to recover from all of the partying! Good night.

Thursday, July 15, 2010

Real Life. Today.

Some days we just hang around the house (not often because the girls tend to get bored, which means fussy if we are not out doing an activity by mid-morning), but occasionally they just go with the flow and we just play all day at home. Here is today... in real life.

Court naked in the pool in the backyard.

Loving splashing!

The girls, in their birthday suits of course, dancing around Court. I think the song they were singing in this picture was "Row, Row, Row your Boat." Court thinks they are nuts!

Court is obsessed with Pearce these days. Lights up when he comes around. Too bad Pearce is an old grumpy man these days...

Um, does this count as a fruit? Tyler shares a bite of her popsicle.

Harper, in serious pop-pop mode

And once again sharing....

The girls have a big job starting tomorrow... remember this? Flower Girls, Round 2!

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pool Time.

Its summer and our pool days are in full swing! The girls are officially fish this year. Loving the water. Lots of "Look Mommy, I went nunder!" Daddy was a "fish" when he was little as well, a competitive swimmer, a lifeguard, swim instructor, etc... they must get it from him.

Yea for the pool!
They ask almost every morning if we can go to the pool.
But going to the pool with a baby & twins is a little tough...
so we go as much as we can.

Tyler, all smiles!

Harper so excited.

Harper & Daddy
Wearing shades.

Popsicle time.

Court is certain to follow in their footsteps, he loves to splash and play with his sissies in the water. Tyler says he is ready to go "nunder" too. Hmmm, not yet big sissy, let him stay Mommy's baby for a little while longer.

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Camp Honey-Pop

The girls spent the week at Camp "Honey-Pop." A fun filled week (away from Mom & Dad) spent doing all kinds of fun stuff with Honey & Pop. Tyler & Harper went to their first movie (lasted about an hour!), went to Pump it Up, swam, swam & swam some more, painted, rode a train and just had a ball! Court stayed home with Mom & Dad and we actually relaxed just having one kid, well relaxed and celebrated Daddy's birthday. Luckily Honey snapped some pictures, so we have a few to capture their week.

The girls jumping at Pump it Up!

Having fun.

Harper swimming like a fish.

Feeding the ducks with Pop.

An afternoon stroll.
Check out their Honey-Pop tees!

Hugging the cows.
Yep, dog is still in Tyler's mouth, hope she outgrows this by age 10.


Harper's pet rock

Tyler's pet rock

And while the girls were away, we had a little birthday party for Dad & Royer. 32!
Happy Birthday!

Party time!

And on Dad's actual birthday we decided to walk up to the bar to have a drink outside. We planned on just staying for a drink so we could get home for Court's bedtime, but Court was as good as gold & just smiled and laughed (even 2 hours after his bed time!). Took a few mobile pics...

Baby at the bar!

Sweet Court, 2 hours past his bed time.
Seriously, this kid could not be any better.

Now Camp Honey-Pop has wrapped up and we are all back together again to start another week of summer. Thanks to Honey & Pop for a week of fun for the girls.