Wednesday, July 28, 2010

6 Months

Court is 6 Months old... hard to believe! He is such a sweet baby boy & got a great report from the doctor today. He "talked" it up the whole appointment, batted his long lashes and was called a "big flirt" by a few of the nurses. I think those chubby cheeks is what seals the deal.

Court, 6 Months
Almost 17 pounds
Almost 26" long (yea, up from the 10th to 3oth percentile!)

At 6 Months...
Court you: sit well, wiggle your toes all of the time & laugh at them moving, babble & "talk" all of the time again (yea for tubes!), eat baby food twice a day, love sweet potatoes (your fav!), cuddle with your dinosaur rattle at night, sleep great (12+ hours at night and 2 good naps a day), are so easy going, have no teeth but are a drooling boy for sure, love splashing in the water and are our most favorite little boy in the world!!!

In other news...
Aunt Jacquelyn squeezed Court in for his first haircut... a little shape up & a trim off the ol' toupee... he was on a fast track to have his sister Tyler's famous combover, so we had to intervene. Mom did not have her camera on her (gasp!) but luckily Meriwether was in the salon & took some cute phone shots...

Cool Kid!

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Brooke Hall said...

lawton is the same! sweet potatoes is his fav, loves his feet, belly laughing and LOVES to splash! oh, and i LOVE THE OUTFIT! ;-))