Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Pool Time.

Its summer and our pool days are in full swing! The girls are officially fish this year. Loving the water. Lots of "Look Mommy, I went nunder!" Daddy was a "fish" when he was little as well, a competitive swimmer, a lifeguard, swim instructor, etc... they must get it from him.

Yea for the pool!
They ask almost every morning if we can go to the pool.
But going to the pool with a baby & twins is a little tough...
so we go as much as we can.

Tyler, all smiles!

Harper so excited.

Harper & Daddy
Wearing shades.

Popsicle time.

Court is certain to follow in their footsteps, he loves to splash and play with his sissies in the water. Tyler says he is ready to go "nunder" too. Hmmm, not yet big sissy, let him stay Mommy's baby for a little while longer.

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