Sunday, July 11, 2010

Camp Honey-Pop

The girls spent the week at Camp "Honey-Pop." A fun filled week (away from Mom & Dad) spent doing all kinds of fun stuff with Honey & Pop. Tyler & Harper went to their first movie (lasted about an hour!), went to Pump it Up, swam, swam & swam some more, painted, rode a train and just had a ball! Court stayed home with Mom & Dad and we actually relaxed just having one kid, well relaxed and celebrated Daddy's birthday. Luckily Honey snapped some pictures, so we have a few to capture their week.

The girls jumping at Pump it Up!

Having fun.

Harper swimming like a fish.

Feeding the ducks with Pop.

An afternoon stroll.
Check out their Honey-Pop tees!

Hugging the cows.
Yep, dog is still in Tyler's mouth, hope she outgrows this by age 10.


Harper's pet rock

Tyler's pet rock

And while the girls were away, we had a little birthday party for Dad & Royer. 32!
Happy Birthday!

Party time!

And on Dad's actual birthday we decided to walk up to the bar to have a drink outside. We planned on just staying for a drink so we could get home for Court's bedtime, but Court was as good as gold & just smiled and laughed (even 2 hours after his bed time!). Took a few mobile pics...

Baby at the bar!

Sweet Court, 2 hours past his bed time.
Seriously, this kid could not be any better.

Now Camp Honey-Pop has wrapped up and we are all back together again to start another week of summer. Thanks to Honey & Pop for a week of fun for the girls.


Lady Beav said...

I hope Jane can go to Camp Coco-Mo someday! How fun... xoxoxo Winz

Donna said...

So cute!!