Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Take my picture, I look pretty!

Another week in town means another week of summer camp for the girls! Dance Camp again... tutus, twirling, tumbling. This morning as we were walking out the door Harper said "Mommy, take my picture. I look pretty." How can I turn down that sweet request?

Harper (L) & Tyler (R)

Sweet Sissies!
The girls have been so wonderful lately. They have been playing so nicely together. Always wanting to hold hands and will not separate for even a few minutes. If one goes in another room, the other one follows. Oh to be a twin!

While the girls were busy dancing the morning away Court had a little fun with Mommy swinging in the front yard. Court rarely gets a turn on the swing since these are always taken by his big sisters. Dad may have to put up a 3rd swing, the little guy loved it.
Court, 6 Months

So fun!

In other news, over the past few weeks our dear Court has been a little "off"... just a Mommy & Daddy (and grandmothers too) instinct that something was going on and he was not quite himself. After a few doctors appointments we have a plan and Court will be having surgery on Monday to have tubes put in his ears to have the fluid drained. The doctor thinks this is causing some hearing loss which is the reason behind him being so quiet, so we are hopeful that this will be a quick fix & he will be back to his old self. We all woke up today & Court is already chatting, babbling, blowing raspberries & laughing at everything. I guess the doctor did enough cleaning of his ears that his hearing is getting already better. The girls kept saying "Court is talking Mommy" all day today. Keep Court in your thoughts on Monday morning, we were pretty nervous about this yesterday but we are already feeling so much better about things!


Ashley said...

Hey Elizabeth, Walker just went through the same thing...he had had 8 ear infections since he was born and finally decided to do the is a BREEZE!!!! He was literally done in about 10 minutes! I barely sat down in the waiting room before they called my name. I have also noticed a huge difference in his babbling/vocab since the tubes! I will say a prayer for your sweet Court! HE IS SO CUTE!!! :)
Love, Ashley

Donna said...

He always looks like such a HAPPY baby!! Ashley is right...I'm a surgery nurse and we do kid's tubes and tonsils on Tuesdays. It's a quick, safe procedure with good results. -But, it's always a little scarey to have it done on your child. Mine had it done too and it was a great benefit!