Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Bingo Night

The beach to us is... laid back, no schedule, sandy toes, wind blown hair, sun kissed fun.
Everyone is relaxed, everyone is happy.

The other night we broke our routine of sound side cocktails at sunset and hit up the yacht club for a little bingo. The girls were super excited about it. A first for them to play and everyone got to stay up a little late. 
 Tyler & Harper



 Hooray for Bingo!

 Banks getting her Bingo on.

 Ebby & Tyler

 Court working on covering each number on his board.

A winner! Girls excited about a winning card with Sallie and Meredith.

Fun Fun.

Monday, July 30, 2012

Movin' on OUT

We have a pretty good excuse for being MIA for the past few weeks....
Moved out of our rental house and sent everything to storage while we twiddle our thumbs until the new house is ready. The new house has a WAY to go... we are nomads jumping around from place to place until our new home ready. Fun times.

 The rental.
Although we still needed a few weeks in this home we were not sad to move out.
Farewell 70's split level. 

 The house right before we left town....

 Inside shot

Our new home for a few weeks... the beach!
Lots of fun beach shots to come...

Wednesday, July 11, 2012


It is just not summer without a trip to the SPRAYground.





 Loving it.

 So fun.

But wait, where is little bro?
 Court hanging by the sidelines. 
A little convincing from Tyler to go in.

 Oh yea!

The crew.

And now some of our little water lover.
He would not get out.

Happy Summer!

Here is a flashback to our trip 
and the year before!

Sunday, July 8, 2012

Happy 34!

Happy 34 to one amazing daddy & husband!
We love you bunches.
xxoo E + T + H + C

Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Happy 4th!

Happy 4th! A fun day at the lake.



Loving the sparklers... first time. 



So fun!

 Our little firecracker boy

 Court, Tyler, Harper

 Sweet sisters.


 Court & Tyler

 Hammock time with Daddy

Celebrating America's birthday... and Honey's 60th!

 Happy Birthday to you.

 Court doing what he does best... sweets.

A perfect low key 4th... 
Needed after Mom & Dad had a little too much fun the night before at Coldplay.

Monday, July 2, 2012

my CONSTANT companion

Meet Court. My 24 hour a day constant companion, 7 days a week. No joke this kid is with me non-stop. Summer time makes for lots of Mommy-son time since I still think of him as a baby so can't imagine dropping him off at big boy camp. No way! His sisters are constantly telling him "Court you have to share Mommy, she is ours too." He is still a boy of very few words so really I am just about the only one that knows what he is trying to say when he grunts at different pitches, signs for something in his own way or just points. I get him. We get each other. But it is A LOT of together time! I was really thinking it was the new house that was taking up so much of my time which is the reason for the lack of blog posts recently, but no... its actually Court. 
 Lunch date. 
Pretty sure he is the only kid I know that orders a yogurt parfait at Chicfila!

 Walk with Mommy.
Pearce decided to ride instead of walk... a bit embarrassing but Court loved it.

Happy boy.

 Seriously, no words. 
The messiest kid in the world!

 Best scooter rider around.
He takes this very seriously and even does a one leg trick.
Trying to catch it on video soon.

Meeting the Bachelorette, Emily!
Yep, Court got the final rose. 
I thought it was totally fine to walk up to her and ask her to take a picture of my constant companion. 
Still a bit embarrassed about this one!