Tuesday, October 5, 2010


We have been blessed with great sleepers, it took them all a few months to get the hang of sleeping, but once they caught on we have rarely had a night of interrupted sleep. These days getting 3 little ones to bed seems like the busiest part of the day. Luckily Daddy is home 90% of the time to help with the bed time routine. We are like robots, one takes Court and the other takes the girls and we just get it done.... dinner, baths, pj's, books, songs and snuggles. It takes two parents since they are on different schedules, but we have it down!

Court, a bath in the sink!
This was a night when he was so messy from dinner so he went straight to the kitchen sink instead of the bath tub.

Our little duck.

Book time with Daddy.
Court could have books read to him for hours!

A quick bite on the book, then off to bed!
He dropped his night time bottle so he is for sure the easiest to get down!

Then big news happened around here yesterday...
Big Girl Beds ~ Take 2!


Big Girls in their beds!
Luckily Round 2 went off without a hitch.
We had to use drastic measures... "Girls, if you get out of your beds we will call the police!" Worked like a charm!!!!

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