Thursday, October 28, 2010

Party Time!

The kids have quite the social calendar this week! Non-stop parties. Everyone is having a blast. The girls love dressing up & getting candy. Court just goes with the flow. Hope we can all keep up until actual Halloween this weekend.

Harper showing off her funny lips from Great Aunt Sallie.

Tyler, too funny!

The girls had their Pre-School Halloween party yesterday. They carved pumpkins! I was told Tyler laughed & giggled and loved playing with the pumpkin seeds. Guess carving ours this weekend will be a hit!



Having fun with the pumpkin seeds.

They had to be pried away from them after 30 minutes!

Tyler & Thomas (she says he is her best friend!)

Now onto sweet Baby Court... he had playgroup this morning. Since his sisters were not there for the Christmas Trio, he ventured out as a monkey...
Court, little monkey!

Lawton as Yoda, Henry the Elephant, Court the monkey, Reynolds the fairy, Lily Frances the monkey, Holt the Elephant, Ben the Hungry Hippo, Josie the cupcake & Genevieve as Princess Leia.

Court was mad he was not Rudolph... hence the rare tears!

Happy Halloween from Pumpkin Court!

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