Monday, August 24, 2009

Harper & her Babies!

To say that our daughter Harper is obsessed with baby dolls is an understatement! There is a Toy store in town we go often to buy birthday gifts or just to play. When we walk in the door the girls run straight to the back corner where all of the baby dolls are. This store has lots of strollers & dolls out to play with. Harper can't get enough!

Harper pushing her double stroller!
Most kids just put two dolls in... not our Harper!

She is very picky about her babies.
She prefers dolls that have no hair & always is drawn to the Corolle line
(that is the brand her precious Coco is & she can spot them easily!)

Finally satisfied with the number of dolls.
There were tears when we left,
but I promised to bring her back in a few days to play again.

*The quality of the pictures is not the best... these were snapped from my camera phone.

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