Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Supper Club Sleepover

We have a perfect little supper club group. We all get together once a month without kids and always end up having the best time. This month we hit the road and did a supper club sleepover at the beach with most of the group. There were 15 in the house, 7 being 3 & under. Complete chaos, the booze flowed early & was such a special time with wonderful friends and crazy children.

Supper Club
Halls, Whites, Culps & Oxenhams
We missed you Chapmans!

Happy swinging the day away.
Court & Leighton

At the Children's Museum
Professional Shoppers!

The babes & their Daddies!

The big girls.

Sporty Courty on the school bus.

Bathtime with girlfriend Leighton.

Good thing Court did not see her kissing another man... Lawton.

Bedtime chaos.

Thank you B & D for hosting us! Such a fun trip.

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