Sunday, April 24, 2011

Happy Easter

Happy Easter! We had such a wonderful Easter day. It was so special to see the excitement in our kids eyes this morning when they realized Peter Cottontail had arrived. We made it through 80% of the church service together before kids got too restless & we had to leave then had a yummy Easter brunch with Ebby & Poppy at CCC. Finally had a sighting of the Easter Bunny this season for the kids and then spent the rest of the day nibbling on sweet treats.

Peter Cottontail came!

Following the jellybean trail to their baskets!




Putting flowers on the cross at church

Seeing the Easter Bunny
They thanked him for all of the goodies he brought them.

The only way Court would get close to him....

Hanging with Ebby, the birthday girl!

Easter Brunch

Giant Carrot

And we have some action....

Walking on Easter Day!

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